saturday night live bridges 'Saturday Night Live': Jeff Bridges, Cookie Monster and Lil Wayne under the mistletoe
Dreams really do come true. Cookie Monster parlayed his viral bid to host “Saturday Night Live” into an oddly sincere musical number during host Jeff Bridges‘ Dec. 18 monologue. And Lil Wayne, freshly out of jail, got to perform with previously scheduled musical guest Eminem.

So with all of the cameos, was this last “SNL” of 2010 the Christmas present we’d asked for? Not at all. But we sure did love that digital short.

The White House Christmas Cold Open
Is it an unwritten rule that “SNL” cold opens need to be political? There was little hook this week, but given the fact that 2011 brings a Republican majority in the House, at least we got this last pseudo-relevant opportunity for Kristen Wiig to play Nancy Pelosi. Her fantasy headline of “Military To Go Exclusively Gay” juxtaposed to her wistful smirk would have made us snort up our hot cocoa, had we been drinking any.

A Message From Mark Zuckerberg
This wasn’t quite as self-aware as it could have been. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is boring — so boring that even spoofing him isn’t funny. Andy Samberg and Bill Hader‘s respective impersonations of Zuckerberg and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are spot-on but a little too dry to sustain a full sketch.

The Miley Cyrus Show
We understand that the timeliness of the bong incident was just too much to keep “SNL” from whipping out freshman player Vanessa Bayer, but they might want to slow down. The burn-out is already in sight.

Digital Short: “I Just Had Sex”
Near-“Jizz in My Pants” levels of lyrical perfection, Akon and cameos by Blake Lively and Jessica Alba… “I Just Had Sex” is by far the best digital short of the season and clearly the highlight of the episode. It’s all down hill after this, folks.

Larry King Live
Wasn’t enduring the first “Larry King Live” finale enough?

The Crunkmas Carnival
We’re probably alone on this, but these concert promos of grotesque non-sequiturs are kind of brilliant. Anything that makes mention of “mayonnaise fights” and 2D screenings of “The Owls of Ga’hoole” in the same breath is alright with us.

Weekend Update
Seth Meyer is dependable in even the darkest episodes, but he failed us tonight. Newcomer Taran Killam‘s Brad Pitt as a weatherman was oddly impressive, until we realized it was just an excuse to let Abby Elliott get her requisite one line of the episode as Angelina Jolie — which she plays the same way she plays everything else. At least we had Snooki, Stefon and Governor Paterson:

“This, You Call a Wonderful Life?”
January Jones fell in love with Jason Sudeikis over his Jimmy Stewart impression. That’s got to be worth something.

Bridges gets his first real showcase of the night with a “Punk’d” spoof that has him putting premature ends to bad pranks on celebrity friends with hugs and giggles. It’s pretty bad, but if it was a real show, we’d also totally watch it.

General Store Gift-wrapping Station
Because we need another reminder that Bridges stars in the upcoming remake of “True Grit,” there’s an old west skit. But instead of the grizzled prospector type he was born to play, he’s a flamboyant gift wrapper. And it almost works.

A Holiday Message From the Kardashians
The Kardashian Christmas card went viral during the week, and was a spare two minutes at the end of the episode, so why not? Uh oh, they’re letting Abby Elliot speak again. It’s well past our bed time.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell

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