jimmy fallon pat sullivan snl 'Saturday Night Live': Jimmy Fallon brings back Pat Sullivan with Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler. Tommy, you rollin'?When Jimmy Fallon was announced as the mid-season finale host of “Saturday Night Live,” we have to admit we had our fingers crossed that some of his former cast mates would stop by to keep him company as he returned to the 30 Rock stages.

And they did!

The cold open for Saturday night’s show featured Fallon’s almost-iconic character (give him a few years) Pat Sullivan, the South Boston high school student who we accompanied on many a field trip back in the day. Of course, time has passed. Pat and his girlfriend, Denise/Zazoo — yes, Rachel Dratch returned, folks! — and their ever-present camera man Tommy had some trouble sneaking in to the high school reunion.

Even Amy Poehler stopped by, playing a former classmate who had left high school because of a serious case of mononucleosis. (FYI, that “mono” turned 15 this year.)

Part of the appeal of “SNL” is the sense of nostalgia it offers us on occasion, and Saturday’s episode definitely gave us a taste of that “new nostalgia” we’ve come to love thanks to VH1. Sure, Fallon isn’t exactly a classic cast member — but for those of us who are mired in our quarter-life crises, Fallon provided a welcome return to the good ol’ days.

After the cold open, Fallon went into his monologue — a Christmas song featuring Michael Buble‘s cocaine problem and an awkward regifting with Lorne Michaels.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie