Some people enjoy “Saturday Night Live” for broad topical humor and pop culture parodies, but “SNL” fans who prefer the show’s weirder and more absurd tangents had a special treat in the “Darrell’s House” sketch from last night’s Zach Galifianakis-hosted show.

Galifianakis was on point throughout the show, but aside from his opening monologue it was “Darrell’s House” that felt the most purely Galifianakis-ian in spirit — like a slightly skewed spin on his “Between Two Ferns” web series.

It also illustrates the reason why even though sitting through the entirety of “Saturday Night Live” is often a slog, it’s worth it for those moments when it pays off with something entirely unexpected. Separating this sketch over two segments — the totally weird and uncomfortably funny set-up, and then returning right before the show ended with a perfect payoff — works even better in the context of a full-length show than it does as individual viral videos.

But if you missed the show, the clips will have to do. Check out the set-up above, and the payoff below.

Posted by:gberkshire