jonah hill snl shins 'Saturday Night Live': Jonah Hill recruits Tom Hanks, John McEnroe for second hosting gigJonah Hill‘s second “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig went pretty smoothly — although Hill broke character a few times, the actor scored plenty of laughs his second time out.

The highlight of the night was definitely Hill’s opening monologue, which was actually a mini-documentary about the actor’s week prepping for “SNL.” Of course, since he’s now Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill, his attitude toward understanding his characters — and also toward wearing douchey glasses and scarves — is much different than the first time around.

It’s nice to know Hill has a sense of humor about himself, and he seems just as shocked as everyone else that he can now claim an honor that respected greats like Alan Rickman can’t. Hill brought Tom Hanks along for a cute monologue bit about his multiple Oscars, though it would’ve been a little more fun if “Moneyball” costar Brad Pitt came instead. Especially since Taran Killam does such a killer Pitt impression.

Other highlights of the night included Hill reprising his precocious 6-year-old Adam Grossman, Stefon making a triumphant return on Weekend Update and a digital short that involved a Lids sales associate (Hill) getting hit in the junk with tennis balls on a “Mythbusters”-type show. Come on, there’s no denying the hilarity inherent in a dude getting hit in the crotch with a ball. Repeatedly. Occasionally by tennis great John McEnroe.

While we found J-Pop America Fun Time Now amusing (as usual), it did seem a little ill-timed considering it’s the one-year anniversary of the devastating Japanese tsunami.

Frankly, none of the night’s sketches were trainwrecks (guess they used all those on Lindsay Lohan the week before), and we were at least mildly amused all night. The Shins were top-notch, as usual. What did you think of “SNL”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley