josh brolin fred armisen snl promo 'Saturday Night Live': Josh Brolin and Fred Armisen get funky in latest promosJosh Brolin is a funny guy, but most of his movie roles recently have been in very serious dramas. That makes this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” which Brolin is hosting alongside musical guest Gotye, extra exciting. The actor teamed up with “SNL” cast member Fred Armisen for a few chuckle-worthy promos advertising his trip to Studio 8H, and we learn a little bit about Brolin that we didn’t know before.

For example, did you know he gets funky from time to time? It’s true. It’s on video. Betcha that dude can host a mean dance party. Another fun fact: Despite his tough-guy image (and protests to the contrary), Brolin totally cries when he hears sad music.

Other highlights from the “SNL” promos: Brolin punching Armisen in the face then later stroking his friendly fake goatee (watch and that will make a little more sense), all from the Tontrol Room at Rockefeller Center (that will make a little more sense after watching, too — possibly).

Are you excited for “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? And how awesome will “Somebody That I Used to Know” sound, especially after it was covered on TV twice this week?

Posted by:Jean Bentley