kanye kim snl nbc 'Saturday Night Live': Josh Brolin was supposedly guest host“Saturday Night Live” has a pretty consistent format. They hire a guest host. Said guest host appears in many of the sketches, gets laughs and simultaneously is able to promote his or her latest project. Josh Brolin’s appearance on the sketch comedy show on Saturday (April 14) seemed to break the mold as he barely showed up. When he did, Brolin was fine, but his absence was noticeable.

Here are our thoughts on the most recent “SNL”:

The Good

Cold Open: With Mitt Romney having all but sewn up the Republican nomination, ‘SNL’ decided to have all their candidate impersonators get back together for one more sentimental moment at the bar. It was sweet, funny and the time of their lives.

Monologue: It started off completely uneventful with Brolin saying things like “how about that weather.” It made a quick turn around when Jay Pharoah came out to do his impersonation of Will Smith. They should add that as a routine.

Game of Thrones: Never has there been a more apt depiction of any show on TV. Never. Not ever.

Digital Short: Steven Spielberg doing a drop in on the “Laser Cats” short made it just awesome. Not sure what exactly the sketch was about, but at that point, it doesn’t really matter.

Piers Morgan: Started off slow, but once Brolin began his Ozzie Guillen impersonation, it got better. Then, when Kim Kardashian (Nasim Pedrad) and Kanye West (Pharoah) joined the sketch, it was in great shape.

‘Weekend Update

The gibberish singing duo of Garth (Fred Armisen) and Kat (Kristen Wiig) commandeered the entire newscast, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The rest of it was typical Weekend Update.

Musical guest Gotye

The performance of “Somebody That I Used To Know” seemed not much different than the studio version. Not exactly sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But it certainly wasn’t as interesting as the music video. The same held true for his second song “Eyes Wide Open.”

The Bad

The Californians: This skit would have been funny in 1982 when Moon Zappa put out the song “Valley Girl.” And to make matters worse, the sketch went on way too long.

America’s Next Top Empire State of Mind Parody Artist: Not sure how this sketch made it past producers. It should have been sacked.

Woodbridge High:
A one note joke and a bad one at that.

Digital Short: The reenacting of the Gotye music video was clever. The only problem is that Gotye had already played the song, so it just felt like overkill.

Prom: As forgettable as most real proms.

Posted by:David Eckstein