snl kristen wiig gilly penelope 'Saturday Night Live': Kristen Wiig unceremoniously retires 'Gilly' and 'Penelope'

With so much of the heavy lifting falling to Kristen Wiig during her seven years on “Saturday Night Live,” she has racked up a long  list of recurring characters.

Some are received better than others. And as Vulture points out in Wiig’s recent profile in Time, there are two you will never see again.

“Because her characters are simple,” writes Time, “she’s smart enough to retire them long before other ‘SNL’ cast members would. She’ll no longer do Penelope the one-upper or Gilly the mischievous schoolgirl, not even at [Lorne] Michaels’ request.”

Whether you share her sentiment or not, Wiig is apparently over the sociopath with the fro — who once spawned her own Christmas special — and the world’s worst brag.

We’re inclined to admit that Gilly was well past her due date, but we still got the occasional snicker from Penelope. At least there’s always the possibility of seeing more Judy “just kidding” Grimes, the deformed, squirrel-eating sister from “The Lawrence Welk Show” or the long-absentee Target Lady.

But for now, let us mourn the departed:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell