lohan snl nbc 'Saturday Night Live': Lindsay Lohan has fun at her own expenseLindsay Lohan’s public rehabilitation tour made its next stop at “Saturday Night Live” on March 3. The oft-troubled actress used the show as an opportunity to re-introduce herself to the public. It also served as a way to prove to Hollywood that she’s still a talent that can be relied upon.

Here are our thoughts on her performance and the most recent “SNL”:

The Good

Cold Open: With the Republican primary candidates lacking for personality, “SNL” did their best with Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney and Bill Hader as Fox News host Shepard Smith. Hader nails his Smith impersonation and part about “Psycho” seemed oddly appropriate. Plus the “Kid Rock” song seems like something right out of his catalog. Will the Romney sons get their own regular skit? Let’s hope so.

Monologue: It was all about making fun of Lohan and her well-documented legal and drug problems. This entailed Kenan Thompson checking her pupils as well as Kristen Wiig frisking her. Then Jimmy Fallon made a surprise appearance as did Jon Hamm as “backup host.”

2012 Psychic Awards: It had a bit of a slow start, but it redeemed itself with the “In Memoriam” for the future segment.

Chantix: Yep. Perfect. This is how “SNL” commercials should be.

Digital Short: A catchy tune that sounded like a collaboration between Jack White and Weird Al Yankovic.

Verizon ad: Another perfect commercial. Were it not for Hader, it would have been hard to tell the difference between their ad and a real Verizon commercial. And that’s really scary.

Weird Guy by the Fire: Please bring back more of these.

Weekend Update
Hader might want to just take over the whole show. His James Carville was not only high point of the segment but the best part of the night. Also, Snooki drinking “V-8, Red Bull and jacuzzi water” seemed just about right. That said, Jon Hamm as the father of Snooki’s baby seemed oh so wrong.

Musical guest Jack White

The White Stripes front man sounded awesome with “Love Interruption.” It offered a much more folksy sound than his old band, and there’s nothing wrong with that. His second tune sounded like The White Stripes with more feedback. And that’s ok too.

The not-so-good

The Real Housewives of Disney:
It’s one of those concepts that probably sounded funny in the writers’ room, but once it hit the air, it landed with a thud.

Scared Straight: It sure appeared like Lohan hadn’t rehearsed for this one at all. She frequently looked away from the action to read her cue cards, and even then, she blew her lines. Sudeikis inadvertently saved the skit by nearly impaling himself on a pencil holder.

Delinquent Girl Teen Gang: Zzzzzz

B108 Morning Show: It was closer to reality than comedy. For that they deserve at least some credit, right? Nah.

The House Sitter: When the punchline is butt dialing, you know you’re off to a bad start.

Rude Buddha: Ohm…meh.

What did you think of LiLo?

Posted by:David Eckstein