zuckerberg eisenberg samberg 'Saturday Night Live': Mark Zuckerberg joins Jesse Eisenberg onstage for most awkward monologue everThe rumored appearance by Mark Zuckerberg alongside his portrayer Jesse Eisenberg did happen on “Saturday Night Live” tonight, and it was an epic collision of awkwardness, as was to be expected. It was also pretty funny.

Eisenberg is awkward enough on his own, rambling about how cocky he is and talking about how much he knows about women.

“I know a lot about the ladies. Like I know that every 28 days that females will shed their uterine lining. That would be a thing, like if I were out on a date with a lady, she wouldn’t need to explain that to me, because I am so cocky, and I can’t wait for the Oscars.”

While Eisenberg and Andy Samberg bantered about their Zuckerberg impressions — Eisenberg’s trick is to speak in a monotone and not move his head, Samberg’s is to wear a boring sweatshirt — the real Mark Zuckerberg was hanging out backstage with Lorne Michaels.

You know a minute ago when we said Eisenberg was awkward? We didn’t know awkward a minute ago. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Zuckerberg is a bazillionaire and will always be able to use money as a social lubricant. (There’s also that built in “I invented poking!” bad pickup line.)

Finally, Zuck came onstage – “Have you two not met?” Samberg asked. “Awk-berg! Samberg out.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie