Even if you search the Web high and low, you won’t find the recent “Saturday Night Live” parody of Brittany Murphy anywhere. It’s reportedly been removed from Youtube, and Hulu.
In the SNL sketch parodying the actress — who died yesterday of natural causes  — Murphy (played by Abby Elliot) keeps telling Seth Meyers how happy she is to be the host.
Meyers mentions her getting fired off of her recent film, “The Caller,” and Elliot/Brittany warns that she plans to go the premiere and shout, “Boo.”

]]>At the end of the skit, Amy/Murphy introduces Blink182, prompting Myer to repeat: “You are not the host, Brittany Murphy.”

It seemed unnecessarily cruel at the time we saw it. It seems really cruel now. No wonder they took it down.
Let’s just hope she never saw it. 
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