Paul Brittain.jpgShocker: Featured player Paul Brittain is off of “Saturday Night Live,” effective immediately, according to EW. He spent a little over a year on the show and appeared in skits like Sex Ed Vincent and Les Jeunes du Paris.

Brittain reportedly left “to pursue other projects.” Effective immediately means we won’t see him in this week’s Channing Tatum episode. That’s quite an abrupt departure. We’re dying to know what happened and who’s going to take over the James Franco impressions.

A source close to the actor tells the site that Brittain “had the opportunity to pursue other projects, and he and the show parted ways amicably.” There was no comment from the “SNL” reps. Are you going to miss him on the show or was he in the background so much that you barely noticed him? Check out Brittain’s impression of Johnny Depp below.

Posted by:jbusch