im with paul snl 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocks“Saturday Night Live” welcomed two Pauls Saturday (Dec. 11) in actor Paul Rudd as host and Sir Paul McCartney as the musical guest. What did you think of the episode?

Rudd’s opening monologue played upon the two Pauls bit. Rudd was excited that people were shouting his name and “I love you” and screaming all week, but they were actually shouting at Paul McCartney. We enjoyed the tiny cameo by featured player Paul Brittain, eager to get in on the Paul action.

kissing family 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksThe first Rudd skit was the kissing Vogelchecks holiday sketch, which was about a family of tongue-kissing gropers. It wasn’t so much laugh-out-loud funny as it was uncomfortable, a little gross and therefore kind of awesome. What really sold it was everyone’s committment to the bit. Open mouth tongue licks, passing gum from person to person. That’s dedication.

stumblin snl 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksThere was a bizarre digital short called “Stumblin,'” where Andy Samberg and Rudd ran stumbling around to the tune of “9 to 5,” with an interlude by Paul McCartney singing “walking in slow motion” to the tune of “Take My Breath Away.” It was nonsensical but also kinda fun. And the “three kinds of bears” joke made us laugh pretty hard. 

The “What’s My Name” game show was probably the funniest sketch of the night just in terms of pure snark. After asking the contestants to identify a couple famous people, the host asked them to name their doorman, cleaning lady and any summer interns at their workplace. They could not.

Bill Hader played WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a decently funny bit. He was really channeling his Jeremy Irons’ Simon in “Die Hard With a Vengeance” — did he remind anybody else of that?

paul mccartney weekend update 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksWeekend Update is usually our favorite part of “SNL,” but tonight Seth Meyers just didn’t seem to have the sharpest material. We guess there just wasn’t enough good stuff happening in current affairs this past week. However, Sir Paul showed up to voice Camilla Parker-Bowles in a bit about the teens attacking Prince Charles and Camilla’s car. That was kinda funny.

bill hader snl 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksBut what ended up giving us the biggest laugh of the night was Bill Hader’s Stefan, talking about the NYC hotspots. His holiday suggestion was the dance club “Blitzen,” where they have “12 jacked albinos, 11 Little Richards, 10 pierce-eared babies, 9 Asian Balkys, 8 gay Aladdins, 7 psychos swearing, 6 Puerto screechers (Puerto Rican screechers), 5 homeless Elmos, 4 coked-up frogs, 3 French hens, Taylor Negron and a human parking cone.”

In case you’re wondering, a human parking cone is “that thing where two jacked midgets paint themselves oranges and you have to parallel park between them.” It was funny by itself, but it got much funnier because Hader couldn’t stop laughing. We enjoy it when that happens sometimes, like during the Cowbell sketch or with Jimmy Fallon and Sean Hayes at Jeffrey’s.

paul mccartney snl 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksPaul McCartney’s musical performances were pretty great. The middle one, “Band on the Run” was better than the first one, “Jet.” It almost sounded like the audio was messed up during the first one because you couldn’t hear Paul very well and the backup singers sounded off. Maybe they couldn’t’ hear themselves very well?

The final official one, “A Day in the Life” and “Give Peace a Chance” was our favorite, especially since we just passed the 30-year anniversary of John Lennon‘s murder. McCartney took to the stage one more time under the end credits with “Get Back,” which sounded awesome. Why didn’t the first one sound this good? Either way, he can still rock pretty hard for a 68-year-old guy.

Jason Sudeikis as the crochety spotlight operator wasn’t hilarious, but his crack about Joel Grey beating Paul Rudd up at the gym after he called Rudd “Clueless” made us laugh pretty hard, as did his brief performance as the MC from “Cabaret.”

slutty santa paul rudd 'Saturday Night Live': Paul Rudd's tongue kissing, Paul McCartney still rocksWe thought the “Sexually Speaking” sketch and the math teacher making announcements sketch were pretty weak. But we did enjoy Paul Rudd’s title cards were he was dressed as a slutty Santa.

Overall, we thought the episode was really pretty solid. What did you think?

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