Season 39 of “Saturday Night Live” only just got underway on Saturday (Sept. 28), but the surprises have already started coming.

During the cold opening of the season premiere, which featured Jay Pharoah‘s President Obama addressing the nation, hoping to explain Obamacare to a confused country before the law goes into effect. Opting to bring out regular Americans to explain how the new law will help them, Obama brought a familiar face: Jesse from New Mexico.

Arriving to explosive applause, Aaron Paul took the podium in full Jesse Pinkman form, he began, “I had this friend and he got sick, like, cancer-sick. But because there wasn’t Obamacare, he couldn’t afford the treatments, so he was like, backed into a corner, you know what I mean? So he did what any of us would’ve done. He started cooking meth.”

As a horrified Obama rushed to get Jesse off-stage at the mention of murder, the visiting druggie asked, “But, wait, don’t you want to know what happened to my friend?” Playing off the idea of not spoiling Sunday’s series finale of “Breaking Bad,” Obama and the observers standing behind him shouted in unison: “No!”

Did you love Paul’s “SNL” cameo?

Posted by:Billy Nilles