jeff bridges snl tron 'Saturday Night Live' promos: Jeff Bridges brings along the Coen Brothers

“TRON: Legacy”  and “True Grit” star Jeff Bridges is hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 18 with musical guests Eminem and Lil Wayne, which begs the question: Will this be the most unusual show ever?

If the promos are any indication, we’re thinking the answer is “yes.” Oscar-winner Bridges seems game to make fun of himself and his colleagues (ex: He draws faces on his fists and pretends they are the Coen Brothers).

Also, anyone else think Bridges may have a voice modulation problem a la Will Ferrell’s Weekend Update character Jacob Silj? Seriously, watch the promos and gauge for yourself if Bridges is just excited or pulling off the most clever “SNL” reference in an “SNL” promo ever.

Posted by:tbricker