Katy Perry (whose hair is looking less pink by the second) is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend (Dec. 10) and — based on the just-released promos she recorded with “SNL” regular Kenan Thompson, we’re cautiously optimistic.


1. These promos are designed to make the hosts look good, but sometimes it backfires (see last week’s Steve Buscemi promos). Perry shines and comes off as funnier as Kenan Thompson. And yes, that is a compliment.

2. Rather than relying on her history of Elmo cleavage, she’s opted for a shapeless red tunic printed with cute white cats for this promo. We like it. We have no idea why.

3. When asked if husband Russell Brand gave her any tips on hosting (he’s done it before, you see) she replied in a spot-on Brand imitation, “Actually, he said ‘talk like this and look like this and be a bit cheeky.'” Squee! We’re suckers for a cockney accent.

4. She’s big enough to not insist on also being the musical guest. Instead, she’ll be able to take a breather while Robyn gets her song on.

5. Katy and Kenan do a silly little dance at the end of the clip.

That is all. 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson