zach galifianakis jason sudeikis saturday night live nbc 'Saturday Night Live' recap: Zach Galifianakis hosts with guests Bradley Cooper, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms and Nikolaj Coster WaldauZach Galifianakis has already proven he’s always a great “Saturday Night Live” host and his third stint was no exception.

This time out Galifianakis got a little help from his “Hangover” buddies Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, who made surprise appearances at the tail end of a very funny Jennifer Aniston lookalike competition sketch. The bearded, chubby Galifianakis sported a blonde wig and a “Friends” t-shirt and fumed with anger over placing last in the contest — only to discover Cooper and Helms (also in blonde wigs and women’s clothing) tied for first.

“SNL” also welcomed “Game of Thrones” fan favorite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (a.k.a. Jaime Lannister) as himself in the “Game of Game of Thrones” game show skit, one of “SNL’s” best in a seemingly endless string of game show spoofs. That skit boasted another great Galifianakis character — “Thrones” uber-fan Duncan, dressed as a dragon — and the reliable Bill Hader as the game show host.

And finally, “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm turned up right before the show ended, in a wickedly brilliant follow-up to the earlier public access spoof “Darrell’s House” which felt like it was written by Galifianakis himself (for fans of his absurd humor that’s a very good thing).

Throw in a hilarious monologue full of Galifianakis’ usual non sequitur stand-up and a great “Weekend Update” appearance by Hader as James Carville discussing gun control, and this was easily one of the better “SNL”s this season.

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