snl phillippe 'Saturday Night Live': Ryan Phillippe is a 'Juggalo,' Ke$ha is an alienTina Fey and Justin Bieber are a pretty tought act for even a seasoned comedian to follow, and Ryan Phillippe isn’t exactly known for eliciting laughs. With the exception of next month’s “MacGruber,” his IMDB filmography is chock-full of movies about life being unfair and love ending in tragedy.

We had some serious doubts as to whether the guy from “Stop-Loss”, “Little Boy Blue” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” could make us laugh.

But we have to admit that while Andy Samberg stole the spotlight an awful lot in the April 17 episode, Phillippe did shine when he played to his strengths. And no, by ‘strengths’ we’re not talking about the six-pack he showed off when he flashed his cover of Men’s Health. (Well, we’re not only talking about that.)

Phillippe’s monologue time was mostly occupied by recurring SNL characters like Kristen Wiig‘s Target Lady, Andy Samberg’s “Dick in a Box” guy, and the ESPN Classics skit that followed was rather one-note – though we did get a kick out of seeing Phillippe dressed up as female bodybuilder “Olivia Newton Cougar Mellencamp.”

Phillippe’s best moment by far was his performance in the digital short, where his character was ditched by his girlfriend, his best friend, and both his parents… because they all wanted to sleep with Samberg’s creepy Fabio character. What can we say? Phillippe is just really, really good at playing the melodramatic, over-wrought, angstalicious dumped guy. (Don’t pretend you don’t still DVR “Cruel Intentions” when it comes on FX.)

Our favorite skit of the night was Andy Samberg as Mort Mort Feingold, Accountant to the Stars. Kristen Wiig did a dead-on impression of Kate Gosselin’s bizarre stroke-face and Phillippe wasn’t a terrible Robert Pattinson, either — we barely recognized him.

Weekend Up
was great this week. We especially loved the moment when “every parent’s worst nightmare, Father Swimcoach Scoutmaster” showed up looking for Justin Bieber, only to be told that he was a week late.

Phillippe really impressed us in the Juggalo sketch, where he and Bobby Moynihan put on Insane Clown Posse makeup and rapped sincerely about the mysteries of the universe: “Why are pants different than shirts?” “Are children small, or just far away?” “Why do some mountains look like presidents?” This is one skit sure to go viral.


As for Ke$ha… well, she stopped in the middle of her performance of “Tik Tok” to ask the audience, “Did anyone ever stop to think maybe we are the aliens?” Perhaps she can use that extra dollar she’s tucked into her name to buy herself a dictionary.

After her second performance, she had another question for the people in the studio. “It’s Saturday night! Do you wanna make out?” she shouted. We’re pretty sure we heard crickets chirping.

We’d call her the poor man’s Lady Gaga, but really, what did the poor man ever do to us?

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