In a new set of promos released by NBC, Steve Buscemi and Bill Hader ham it up to promote Saturday’s (Dec. 3) upcoming “Saturday Night Live.” Buscemi hosts and, as he repeats several times in the clip above, the Black Keys will be the musical guest.

Buscemi, the star of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” and pretty much indie film royalty brings his own offbeat vibe to the promo process. In one, Hader asks him how he got his role in “Fargo.”

“The Coen brothers saw me kill a man once and grind him up in a wood chipper and said, ‘We have a part that’s similar,” says Buscemi.

In another he chases an animated turkey, mumbling about still having Thanksgiving scores to settle. In another, he and Hader get into a pretend fight about global warming. Finally, and we hate to mention it, Buscemi and Hader add a third person (of sorts) to the clip when they ask Siri (as in the annoyingly even-keeled iPhone 4S voice recognition genie) to help them through the promo.

We were kind of hoping the phone would end up in a wood chipper, but no such luck.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson