anna kendrick snl skits 'Saturday Night Live': Watch Anna Kendrick's best and worst sketches Anna Kendrick hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the first time on April 5, and her inaugural outing was filled with catchy songs, impressive dancing and a whole lot of laughs. So what were her best and worst sketches?

Note: Many of Kendrick’s best sketches aren’t available to watch online, due to music licensing issues. She sang a bunch of Disney songs, a “Rent” song, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Kesha and the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, she killed it every time.

Worst: GM Hearings cold open
CEO of GM Mary Barra discusses the transparency of the “New GM” and takes questions about the Chevy Cobalt’s defective ignition switch … and this sketch went on for way too long. We get it, Mary doesn’t know anything.

Best: Monologue
It was clear from the start that the “SNL” cast and crew had high hopes for Kendrick, as evidenced by her intricately choreographed and rehearsed monologue song.

Best: Fox and Friends take on Obamacare and Climate Change
Anytime we get to see Bobby Moynihan’s Brian Kilmeade is fine by us.

Best: “Dongs All Over the World”
You’re lying if you say you weren’t singing along by the end of this song.

Best: Weekend Update
Colin Jost is doing a phenomenal job so far, and he proved himself again by earning the biggest laughs of the night during “Weekend Update.” Bonus: George R.R. Martin stops by!

Worst: Les Jeunes de Paris
Sorry Anna Kendrick: No Les Jeunes de Paris sketch will ever beat Emma Stone’s first time breaking this in.

Best/Worst: Booker T. Washington’s Zoo Field Trip
This one’s a tie for best and worst. This whole Principal Frye sketch has been dead for a long time, yet the “SNL” staff seems intent on reviving it over and over again. The one highlight: Anna Kendrick’s optimistic-turned-fed-up zoo worker had us laughing again.

Best: Big Joe
This sketch was brilliant in how simple it was … and how great Taran Killam is. Big Joe suffers from a bone density disease, shenanigans ensue.

Best: Flirty
Once again, simple is better. This sketch let Kyle Mooney shine at what he does best … being awkward. Bonus points for Beck Bennett’s impatient, whiny neighbor.

Best: Weekend Update guest Angela Merkel
When is Kate McKinnon ever not amazing? More of her flirty and fun German Chancellor Angela Merkel, please.

Best: Weekend Update guest Brooks Wheelan
Just like with his brutally honest assessment of all his tattoos during “Weekend Update” earlier this season, Brooks Wheelan proved that he is the most underrated and underused cast member by dropping by “Weekend Update” to share a real story of his. In light of Alcohol Awareness Month, Wheelan discusses the dangers of binge drinking with one of the most hilarious, cry/laugh-inducing PSAs you’ll ever hear. More of Wheelan, please.

Best: Weekend Update guest George R.R. Martin
With the Season 4 premiere of “Game of Thrones” upon us, author George R.R. Martin laments his issues with finishing the series.

Best: Musical guest Pharrell Williams, ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Worst: Musical guest Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy’

Best/Worst: Nickelodeon Show ‘Zap!’
This sketch is both best and worst because while the actual sketch is hilarious — Nickelodeon fed kids speed for a game show — it wasn’t actually aired. This was cut during dress rehearsal (we’re assuming for time, because it certainly wasn’t for quality).

What was your favorite sketch?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum