Kristen Wiig returns to “Saturday Night Live” this week for her first time as host, and it doesn’t look like she and frequent sketch partner Fred Armisen have lost any of their timing in this set of promos.

Their first bit in the promos for Saturday’s (May 11) show has them talking about which characters they’re going to bring back. The ones they mention are just for the sake of the joke in the promo, but Wiig built up a pretty big stable of recurring characters and celebrity impressions in her time on the show. Here are a few that would be fun to see again:

– Penelope, the one-uppingest friend you’ll ever have.
– Dooneese, the doll-handed outcast among the four singing sisters on “The Lawrence Welk Show.”
– Suze Orman, along with her very. Sharp. Jackets.
– Kathie Lee Gifford
– Anastasia Sticks, co-host of “Hollywood Dish.”

Which characters would you like to see Wiig bring back for her “SNL” hosting gig?

Posted by:Rick Porter