jim carrey pink snl 'Saturday Night Live': Jim Carrey and his Alan Thicke impression start the new year off rightUm, Is it just us or was “Saturday Night Live” kind of awesome on Jan. 8? And by kind of awesome, we mean totally awesome. It just proves that a great host makes all the difference and “SNL” had a truly great one in Jim Carrey. Add in good live music from The Black Keys and the NBC show is off to a great start in 2011.

Obviously, Carrey stole the show. He was game for everything (flashing included!) and had us in stitches most of the night. He also got a little dirty, talking condoms, boobs (twice!) and blood rivers. We genuinely liked most of the skits and the ones we didn’t care for as much were saved by Carrey (see: “The Very Worst of Soul Train”). Also, we never thought we would be so impressed by an Alan Thicke impression. It was a masterpiece. Seriously.

Here’s some of the night’s skits:

Bloomberg Cold Open

Yes, another political cold open. It’s basically an “SNL” law at this point, but luckily, this one really worked for us. Fred Armisen posed as snow-hating New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It perfectly captured New Yorkers’ feelings about snow. “Bloomberg” was there to help the city’s citizens deal with the “catastrophe” that was last week’s snowstorm. He wanted to help with any questions a snowstorm-survivor could have, like “What is snow?,” “Where does snow come from?” and our favorite, “How do I get snow off my car?” He urges people to not be heroes and to stay inside their houses. He also assures that “Mexicans” will available to deliver food. Now remember kids, a tragedy like a snowstorm is “not an excuse for domestic violence… or smoking.”

Jim Carrey’s monologue

A big breasted man, a condom shout-out and a marriage proposal. Yes, that all really happened during Carrey’s opening monologue, which felt very relaxed and natural. Carrey started off how much he was looking forward to 2011. One reason? “Right here in front of me, I’m looking at two of the most magnificent breasts I have ever seen. Congratulations, sir.” Later, when a woman in the audience turned down his marriage proposal (His pitch? “I’m Jim Carrey. You know what that means? Mucho dinero.”), Carrey went back to Bob, his big-breasted new life partner. What a hosting slut. Carrey also made light of all the dead birds in the news, saying to him it means “Arkansas eats free.” He then went on to say, “When I see a river of blood, I go kayaking, mister. I would wear a condom. It is blood after all.”

“Black Swan” parody

The show took on the psychological ballet thriller and totally killed it… all thanks to Carrey’s performance as Lily, the Black Swan. He writhed on the floor, stuck gum in Bill Hader’s ear, stuck his entire first in his mouth to seduce another dancer and flashed that (un)lucky Hader. It was a perfect parody of the film and a great skit to start things off with. Also, A+ for the buffalo wing tattoos on Carrey’s back.

Grady Wilson’s Tantric N’ Tasty

Kenan Thompson is bringing you more sexual positions as Grady Wilson, this time with help from his friend Len Licious (Carrey). They showcased moves such as “The Oil Rig,” “The Mission Impossible” and our favorite, “The Endless Clown Car.” We think Carrey’s quick “so many clowns!” joke made us giggle a bit too much.

The Worst of Soul Train

Bobby Moynihan was pretty good as Smokey Robinson’s white half-brother, Coughy Robinson (“Order the Very Worst of Soul Train today or they’ll kill me!”), but again, Carrey stole the skit. And went back to talking about boobs (continuity for the win!). He played D’Versity, a mullet-ed, El Debarge-esque singer with one hit, “I Just Need One.” Here’s the chorus: “Can I see one tittay? Just give me one tittay. I just want to see one of your tittays, gurl.”

Weekend Update – Cameron The Blackbird

Andy Samberg came on as the lone bird to survive the “Aflockalypse” in Arkansas. When asked how he was doing, he answered, “I’m pretty good. Except everyone I ever knew all died around me at the same time.” His theory for why all the birds and fish died? God was angry and punishing the two species because Cameron is dating a fish named Everett (Taran Killam). Their only other theory? The ending of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” They dubbed it the “Oprahcalypse,” complete with this jingle: “You, you, you… get a car!”

Psychic Medium

Carrey’s Alan Thicke impression may be the greatest thing ever. That’s all. Oh, and this line was pretty amazing, too: “No one does a Thicke!”

What did you think of Jim Carrey on “SNL,” Zappers? Were you as thoroughly entertained as we were?

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