bill hader gi 'Saturday Night Live's' Bill Hader joins 'Men in Black III' as Andy WarholBill Hader has done some flawless impersonations in his time on “Saturday Night Live” including Al Pacino, James Carville, Charlie Sheen and our personal favorite, Vincent Price.

]]>“Men in Black III,” alongside Will Smith and Josh Brolin. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Barry Sonnenfeld directed film will feature an element of time-travel. Brolin will play a young Tommy Lee Jones as he fights to save the world in 1969. The film will reportedly feature cameos of several iconic celebrities from the time period. The third installment of the franchise only just began filming in New York City and is expected to be released May 25, 2012. We think Hader will make a fantastic addition to the film, and have no doubt that his portrayal of the artist will leave us in stitches. What do you think of the casting?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci