“Saturday Night Live” veteran Jason Sudeikis has had the opportunity to share some intimate (and hilarious) scenes with some of Hollywood’s most desired male celebrities. On the verge of becoming a movie star with “Hall Pass” and “Horrible Bosses” hitting the big screen in 2011, Sudeikis takes a stroll down memory lane with the Advocate on some of his hottest small-screen leading men.
On kissing Jon Hamm on the hog:

“Well, technically I kissed him on the mouth, but — oh, you mean the motorcycle. ‘SNL’ already has those ‘Kissing Family’ sketches, where the joke is that the family is way too into each other, so Jon and I agreed in rehearsal, ‘Let’s not play this for laughs with slapping tongues. Let’s kiss for real. We’ll bump mustaches and kiss like we mean it.’… The sketch was written by James Anderson, one of our gay writers, and Michael O’Brien, one of our straight writers, and they delighted in the details of the scene beyond just building to a kiss between two of [“30 Rock” character] Liz Lemon’s ex-boyfriends.
On sucking Zac Efron’s foot:

“Truth be told, I hadn’t done that in any of the rehearsals. I just did it on the air to screw with him. The scene is basically about an older brother teaching his younger brother how to get girls. Zac’s a nice guy, we got along really well, and he really enjoyed that scene. There was so much good energy by the time we did it for the show, I thought, I’m just going to try it and make him fight me, but I was able to overpower him and stick half his foot in my mouth. I figured if anyone in the world has a clean foot, it’s got to be Zac Efron.”
On going gay with Justin Timberlake on “The Cleveland Show” (airing Feb. 20):

“I saw him at ‘SNL’ when he came for the first episode of this season (see video above), and we hadn’t seen each other since we had recorded that episode, so I was like, ‘Hey, my gay boyfriend!’ Then we shared a tender embrace. When I first heard they were getting Timberlake to play Terry’s love interest, I was like, ‘Perfect! Terry should be so lucky.’
We’d say the actor has gone above the call of duty, no?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog