lindsay lohan before after Save Lindsay Lohan's looks: Why jail may rescue LiLo's beautyWhat’s the real reason why Lindsay Lohan is freaking out, crying and getting a new attorney to fight her 90-day jail sentence?

Insiders think it may be because she’ll have to give up her favorite drug.

Um, that would be nicotine. Although The Dish Rag thinks that three months without Dilaudid might also be a good idea. What kind of pain can a young girl with a history of alcohol abuse be in to require a prescription for an addictive opiate pain killer?

Anyway, there’s no question that Lindsay’s Hollywood Bad Girl lifestyle has aged her beyond her 24 years. She’s gone from looking like a happy freckle-faced child star to a fresh-faced ingenue and promising actress to a washed-up, rode-hard party girl.

]]>Dina Lohan. That’s why we’re hoping that some of the L.A. County Jail’s rules might help Lindsay’s looks and her health. Rule No. 1: No smoking. Quitting her nicotine habit will increase her body’s oxygen levels and make her broken capillaries, dry, prematurely wrinkled and blotchy skin improve. And that’s not even counting what it will do for her black-tarred, Gulf Oil spill lungs. No. 2: Lose the hair extensions. We have no idea why this is a rule. Can you harm yourself or others with hair extensions? Who knows? But removing them for 90 days (or however long she ends up serving) will be necessary, and it’s bound to help the health of Lindsay’s battered, bleached and thinning locks. The hair on her forehead may even have a chance to grow back. No. 3: No makeup allowed. Not even a judge-insulting manicure. Apparently, being stripped of the trappings of vanity is necessary for rehabilitation while incarcerated. And it certainly eliminates paparazzi-seeking and attention-getting behavior. No question that no makeup will help get Lindsay’s complexion back to its fresh and healthy glow — a la the 2004 photo above left. No. 4: Three healthy meals a day and plenty of water will also help Lindsay’s looks. We have no idea what prison food is like, but it’s gotta be worlds better than the nutrient-free fast food LIndsay usually grabs, if she eats regularly at all. Probably not a lot of her fave special herbal, sugar- and caffeine-loaded energy drink on the jail menu. Water will help flush out her system from the poison of her toxic lifestyle. And we’re not even gonna mention what eliminating any dehydrating alcohol will do for her skin. Regular meals could balance out her blood sugar; spikes and crashes in blood sugar can cause headaches and mood swings. We’re pretty sure that with her demanding night life, breakfast is not her fave meal. She probably thinks that meal is a midnight snack. No. 5: No sharp instruments allowed. This may keep her from cutting herself and leaving nasty scars like the ones we saw on her arm on her arrival to court last week. While some LiLo watchers feel that jail — and the 90 days of rehab she’ll be required to undergo once she gets out — will save Lindsay’s life, we’re not so sure. Only time will tell on that score. But we feel very certain that 90 days in jail will reverse much of the past few years of damage and improve Lindsay’s looks. And hopefully, it will improve her outlook on life. What do you think? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Getty Images

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead