sean patrick thomas getty 'Save The Last Dance's' Sean Patrick Thomas cast in 'The Selection' for The CW    againSean Patrick Thomas, best known for his role opposite Julia Styles in ’90s dance fave “Save The Last Dance,” has officially been cast in The CW’s “The Selection” pilot. Again.

Warner Bros. produced the pilot, about a “Bachelor”-like search for the princess of a Dystopian country, for The CW ast season, but it never went to series. Instead of scrapping it, though, The CW decided to spend a year developing it.

Executive producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain produced a very different, updated script, and most of the roles are being re-cast.

Last season, the lead was played by Aimee Teegarden, who is instead starring in The CW’s alien romance “Oxygen” this year.

Thomas, however, isn’t being replaced. Deadline reports that he’ll reprise his role as Sylvan Santos, an advisor to the devious Queen, and an expert on all things related to royal etiquette. He’s a key player as the prince searches for a bride in a reality TV-style competition.

Thomas is apparently the only cast member who will not be replaced, meaning that Ethan Peck and William Moseley have likely been ousted.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie