News flash: Grace spends much of this episode of Saving Grace not sleeping with a guy she’s interested in. I know! I was shocked, too!

Behold: The patron saint of spoilers!

The Crime of the Week is particularly upsetting, as it involves someone manipulating developmentally disabled adults into committing crimes for them. That’s just low. A number of businesses off the same bus route were hit by a man in a paper-plate mask who waved a gun, emptied the register, and took some sweets with him as he went. The last crime went wrong — the robber was shot by a patron at a diner when he tried to steal a root beer float. (Dude, don’t mess with a man’s root beer float in Oklahoma — they will shoot you down.) The poor guy committing the crime didn’t have a clue what he was doing, and never had a chance. He didn’t even have a real gun — it was carved out of wood.

Grace and Ham track down the group home where the robber, George, lived, and also find another man there with the same type of carved wooden gun. Andrew was George’s roommate, so Grace turns to him to try to find out where Andrew and George got the guns. Problem is, you can’t do a straightforward interrogation with Andrew, so Grace befriends him and trails him on his regular routine.

And that’s where you start to realize just how cruel the crime was. Andrew is incredibly friendly and trusting. Tell him you like his jacket and he’ll offer it to you. Everyone is his friend, and he’d do anything that a friend told him. What sort of a monster would take advantage of a person like that?

Unfortunately, the answer is his sister and her boyfriend. She’s penitent. No one was supposed to get hurt! And what’s going to happen to Andrew now? You should have thought about that before you started using his friends to steal for you.

In other news, Grace has met a nice guy — the guy she doesn’t immediately sleep with. Lest we think she’s being too normal, as Rhetta claims, take comfort in the fact that she met him because he’s the nephew of the old neighbor she routinely strips for by the bathroom window. That was creepy.

Grace seems smitten with Jack, although that may be in part because he’s an atheist — and what better man can she find to piss off Earl? Earl is relatively unfazed, much to Grace’s dismay. Rhetta is much more excited, but she  doesn’t get to meet Jack. Earl does — they discuss theology, and Earl offers to take him to the fourth planet from Rigel, a star in the Orion constellation. Jack dismisses him. Oh, Jack — you’re missing out. But he doesn’t miss out entirely, because by the end of the episode, Grace and Jack get it on.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends:

  • Big Bang, telescopes, blah blah blah — seriously, no more cosmological innuendo, ok?
  • I love Grace’s sense of humor. What’s the best way to help her nephew study saints? Obviously, it’s to make him a gory costume complete with gaping wounds, exposed ribs, and halo, then douse him in ketchup. Hee! (It’s for a play, but still — nice work.)
  • Rhetta says she’ll know Grace is serious about a guy when she doesn’t sleep with him at the drop of a hat. Uh-oh.
  • Did you notice that Grace has "Wash Away Your Sins" hand soap in the bathroom?
  • I loved Earl’s French charge getting pissy that he was going to see Grace again. "Grace, Grace, Grace — I’m so sick of her? What about me? I have needs!"
  • I kind of love the idea of Sergeant Gumshoe, and wish the cartoon was real.
  • Once again, we see how natural and easy Grace is with people when she’s trailing Andrew. I wonder how much of that is the job, and how much of it is because she genuinely loves people, collects them and adores their quirks and failings.
  • I also wonder whether she keeps in touch with people after the investigation is over. I hope she does — Andrew will be devastated if she just disappears. I think she will — did you catch her talking to a perp who was hauled into the station while she was there? "What are you doing back here, man? What happened to getting your real estate license?"
  • Clay asks Grace if she thinks the saints know all about the stars. Grace: "Hey, if you get ripped apart by mat hooks, you better have a payoff."

What do you think of Jack? Is he a good influence on Grace, despite his atheism? Do you think Earl’s boss cares if people believe in him? And what would Jack do if he were confronted with Earl’s wings?

Posted by:Sarah Jersild