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You all had some great guesses about who I would pick as the most charming character currently on TV. But I would still watch “Lost,” if Sawyer wasn’t there to give everyone a nickname. And my TiVo would still be religiously devoted to “Friday Night Lights,” even if Tim Riggins wasn’t there to oh-so-sexily tuck his hair behind his ears. I would still sing the praises of “Mad Men” even if Don Draper wasn’t around to hit on every woman who crossed his path.

But I’m telling you right now I would drop “Castle” like a hot remote if Rick Castle weren’t on the show. He is the only reason I tune in each week. The rest of the characters, while basically fine actors, merely dance around him. It’s the perfect role for Nathan Fillion. He’s charming without being smug andable to completely sell both his ongoing flirtatious banter with Beckett and his devotion to his daughter. The man totally makes me believe that a fiction writer would a) be allowed to work every case with the police force; b) be allowed to continued given his ongoing shenanigans; and c)actually solve the crimes. Comparisons could be made between Rick Castle and Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist” but I think Jane, while charming can be a little too pleased with himself and his cleverness. Castle never loses his devil-may-care, aren’t-we-all having fun charm.

So he’s my pick for the most charming character currently on television. What’s yours?

“The Prisoner”

Let me start off by saying I was on a total AMC high this week.

The third season finale of “Mad Men” was absolutely stellar. Don, Roger, Bert and even Lane forming their own firm made total sense (it’s a plot line that’s been brewing since the season two finale) but also came as a perfect surprise. I was tense and nervous throughout the episode and actually found myself chanting “Joan, Joan, Joan” when Roger said he was going to make a phone call. I loved seeing who they brought with them and who they left behind. My only complaint is that they didn’t call Salvatore Romano to be part of their new company. I can only hope they’ll realize they need him next season. It’s the best cliffhanger any show has had in a long time.

So I approached “The Prisoner,” the three night, six hour mini-series premiering Sunday at 8 p.m. on AMC full of excitement. Jim Caviezel stars as Six in this remake of the 1967 series. After quitting his job, Six inexplicably wakes up in The Village, an idyllic community where there is no escape. People he doesn’t know claim to be his family. Cabs go nowhere and a mysterious leader known as Two (Ian McKellan) continually plays mind games with him.

I regret to inform you that I could only make it through the first three hours before I had one of those “life is too short to watch this” moments. First of all, “The Prisoner” is confusing. Not confusing like “Lost” or “FlashForward,” confusing like there is no real linear story happening anywhere. It’s just one big mash up of flashbacks, hallucinations and present day mischief. But worst than that, “The Prisoner” is boring, boring, boring. I give AMC credit for taking on such an ambitious project but I can’t give “The Prisoner” more than two and a half stars. If you watch the show, let me know what you think.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Every so often I have what I like to call a familiar face epiphany. I had one last night and thought I must share this with you all. Somehow I had totally missed that Alison Brie, Annie on “Community,” is also Trudy Campbell on “Mad Men.”

Catherine recognized Erica Gimpel as the mom of the little boy who died on “Grey’s Anatomy” last week. Gimpel was Wallace’s mom on “Veronica Mars,” the social worker Adele on “ER,” and I’ll always remember her as Coco on “Fame.”

Kim recognized Matthew Davis as the new teacher Mr. Saltzman on “The Vampire Diaries.” He played Adam on “What About Brian” and Warner on “Legally Blonde.”

George Newbern was the oncologist who asked Addison out on “Private Practice.” Among his many TV roles, Newbern was Owen on “Providence.” But I always think of him as the groom-to-be in “Father of the Bride” and Julia’s son, Payne, on “Designing Women.” Rosalind Chao was Addison’s patient who gave Addison her cat. She was the principal, Dr. Kim, on “The O.C.”

Cree recognized Lindy Booth as Amanda Barrow on “NCIS.” She was the Pizza Girl on “October Road” and we saw her last summer as A.J. on “The Philanthropist.”

Rebecca caught Mark Moses, Duck on “Mad Men,” as Blake Wellesley on “Castle.” Moses was also Paul Young on “Desperate Housewives.” Gregg Henry was his brother Winston Wellesley on “Castle.” Henry was Hugh on “The Riches,” Logan’s dad, Mitchum Huntzberger, on “Gilmore Girls,” and we will see him next week as Quinn’s dad on “Glee.” Hattie Winston, Margaret on “Becker,” was the aunt who had sent her nephew’s package by messenger service on “Castle.”

Cheyenne Jackson is the new cast member on “30 Rock.” We saw him last season as the rock star Sebastian Grace on “Life on Mars” and he’s currently starring in “Finian’s Rainbow” on Broadway.

Marcus Giamatti was the comic book writer the teenage patient idolized on “House.” He was Peter on “Judging Amy.” Eric Lutes was the father of the sick girl. Lutes was Del on “Caroline in the City” and the dad in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen series “So Little Time.”

Ryan recognized Penny Johnson Jerald as Joanne Torrence on “NCIS.” Jerald was Sherry Palmer on “24” and Dean Etwood on “October Road.”

Quotes of the Week

“I know everything about this town and about these murals and that’s why this is a dream come true – literally. I have had a dream where I design a mural. But then it turned into a nightmare because the mural started talking and it came alive and it was whispering and I couldn’t hear what it was saying so I leaned in close and then it ate me. At one point Gina Gershon was there.” Leslie on “Parks and Recreation.” Thanks to Michelle for the quote.

“I love you more than I love being a star.” Kurt to his dad when explaining why he threw the “Diva-Off” on “Glee.” Thanks to Joe for the quote.

” Good Morning. Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce. How may I help you?” Joan answering the phone on “Mad Men.” Thanks to Wendy for the quote.

“I feel about as useless as a mom’s college degree.” Kenneth on “30 Rock.”

“If I’m dead, I want you to honor my memory by taking my memory to the Hamptons and recreating ‘Weekend at Bernies.'” Barney in a video to Ted on “How I Met Your Mother.”

“I hope you get what you always wanted.” Don to Betty on “Mad Men.”

Exchanges of the Week

“Peggy, can you get me some coffee?” Roger to Peggy on “Mad Men.”

“No.” Peggy’s response. Thanks to Wendy and Liz for the exchange.


“Are you two together?” Suspect to Castle and Beckett on “Castle.”

“Definitely not.” Beckett’s response.

“Not yet.” Castle’s response.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Monday to talk about the season finale of “Project Runway,” Heather Locklear’s return to “Melrose Place,” “FlashForward,” “Fringe” and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at mailto:amytvgal@zap2it.comor follow me on Twitter. Have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

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