scandal any questions 'Scandal'   'Any Questions?' Several, actuallyWell, “Scandal,” since you asked …

(You might find these queries spoilery. In which case, you know not to read past here, don’t you?)

Are we supposed to take David’s pilfering of the Cytron card as a righteous act against the people who have made his life hell this past season, or a straight-up heel turn against the people who then tried to help him fix it? Some of both, maybe?

When did David and Billy Chambers join forces? Was it before or after the dead woman showed up in David’s bed? Given his reaction to finding the body — when no one else was around — it has to be after, right?

Or did they join forces at all? Is David going to do a double-double cross when he gets what he wants from Billy?

Where has Billy been since the end of Season 1? We all assumed bad things were on the horizon when Charlie stepped into the elevator with him — or was that the start of their plan?

Is Billy working with/for B613? Does he have a goal beyond taking down Fitz’s presidency?

And shouldn’t he be going after Sally too, after she threw him under the bus the way she did last season?

Wouldn’t you think whatever debt Harrison has to Olivia is paid up enough now that he could say to her, “Liv, I love you, but if you don’t give me at least a little something work with here, I’m walking”?

So Fitz has been thinking about not running for going on a year (considering the hefty time jump between story arcs this season) and Cyrus is just now noticing?

Where was the White House press secretary? Because Cyrus isn’t really great at press briefings.

If you’re going to hire someone as charismatic as John Barrowman to be Mellie’s crisis manager, why just have him sit in a room for the whole episode?

Can every episode going forward have Joshua Malina say the line, “Didja hear? ______ banged somebody”?

If not, why not?

James really needs to get out of this abusive relationship he has with Cyrus, don’t you think?

Is Mellie not allowed to take initiative two episodes in a row?

Can Shonda Rhimes and Co. really bring all this home in one hour next week? Or are we headed for a serious cliffhanger in the season finale?

What did you think of the next-to-last “Scandal” of the season?

Posted by:Rick Porter