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“Scandal” fandom reaches all corners, including the sports world.

Chris Paul, point guard for the L.A. Clippers, appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday (Feb. 12), where he admitted that he’s one gigantic Gladiator — and no one in his house better spoil the show for him.

“I live for that show,” he tells DeGeneres. “No, seriously my family is not allowed to watch that show without me. I’m serious, that will really start an argument between me and my wife. If she watches that show without me, there’s a major problem in our house.”

Paul’s love for the show lets him get a little starstruck from time to time, like during a recent run-in with Fitz himself, Tony Goldwyn. It’s just that it’s a little hard for him to separate fiction from reality.

“I saw him at dinner…and I interrupted because I had to meet him,” Paul says. “I just have to remember he’s not really the President.”

As DeGeneres says that Goldwyn must’ve been flattered, Paul adds, “I don’t even know if he knew who I was, but I knew him.”

Check out Paul’s full interview above.

Are you surprised by his “Scandal” fandom?

Posted by:Billy Nilles