scandal season 2 premiere kerry washington columbus short 'Scandal' Season 2 premiere: Forget Quinn Perkins   who is Olivia Pope?The promise for Season 2 of “Scandal” Season 2 was that we’d get an answer to the question posed at the end of last season: Who is Quinn Perkins?

We got that answer in Thursday’s (Sept. 27) season premiere — but it turns out that maybe that wasn’t the right question to be asking.

(Spoilers for the season premiere coming right up.)

The bigger question, particularly given the events we saw unfold in the last few minutes of the episode, is “Who is Olivia Pope?” Because that was some dark stuff we got into there. Everything the audience knows about Olivia suggests that her motives are probably good, but a review of the evidence doesn’t exactly put a halo around her.

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The who-is-Quinn answer is interesting, to be sure: Her real name is Lindsay Dwyer, and she’s accused of sending a mail bomb to a boyfriend that killed him and six others. She insists that she didn’t send the bomb, and after she saw cops at her house, she bolted to a hotel — only to wake up across the country two days later with a new identity all laid out for her.

It’s an incredibly farfetched story, and one that no one at Quinn/Lindsay’s trial seems to be buying despite the best efforts of Olivia and the defense attorney. But then Olivia makes a call, and the case goes away. And we flash back to the day Lindsay became Quinn, and we see Olivia and Huck driving away from her hotel.

Say what now?

So there is your big mystery for Season 2 — why would Olivia invest so much in a young woman who, as far as we know, she had never met before she became a murder suspect? What’s the upside for her? And why keep Quinn herself entirely in the dark about it?

Elsewhere in “Scandal”-land, Fitz is going to be a dad, and Mellie goes off book to make the case for a military intervention in a fake African nation during a TV interview revealing the baby’s gender. It leads to one of the best/scariest scenes of the episode with Fitz raging at his wife in private and Mellie just absorbing the blow. The first lady may be a lot of things, but you can never say she’s not tough.

Also notable in the premiere was something that didn’t come up. We found out at the end of last season that it was Cyrus who ordered the killing of Amanda Tanner, but for the moment at least, he’s getting away with it cleanly.

What did you think of “Scandal’s” Season 2 premiere? What do you make of the revelations at the end of the episode?

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