“Scandal” may be one of the most dramatic shows on television today, but that doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t make mistakes. During the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” “Behind the Scandalabra” special Thursday (April 17), creator Shonda Rhimes brought along a pretty awesome blooper reel.

Scott Foley helped set up the video by serving his boss and Jimmy Liv’s favorite meal — pinot and popcorn. Warning: There are scenes from the season finale in there, so if you’ve not watched, don’t click play!

There’s a lot of dancing, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the show’s killer soundtrack. And many tongues being stuck out. And Bellamy Young’s go-to semi-curse word? Fart. Because she’s genteel like that. It’s clear this hard-working cast can lighten the mood when necessary.
“Scandal” will return to ABC in the fall, when the expecting Kerry Washington won’t have to hide behind chairs and purses.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson