jeff perry kerry washington tony goldwyn scandal kiss kiss bang bang recap season 3 episode 14 abc 'Scandal' Season 3, episode 14 recap: Not everyone survives 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'Thursday’s (March 20) episode of “Scandal” didn’t leave fans waiting to see who was on the receiving end of that cliffhanger bullet Jake sent James and David’s way last week — and boy, was the resolution a bummer.

Since the show didn’t tiptoe around who met their maker, let’s follow suit — though, if you haven’t watched yet, you know, stop reading this.

It turns out that after Jake dispatched of Vanessa and Shelby (I remembered their names this week, just to see them get buried in a ditch!), James tried to make a run for it. And just like that, Jake put two in the White House press secretary’s back and coerced David into working for him as a means of survival.

The loss of James, made by Jake (with a little help from Quinn, Charlie and a remorseful David) to look like a carjacking gone wrong, understandably left Cyrus at his lowest. As he struggled with his grief, we were treated to a look at just how the doomed husbands met out on the campaign trail.

It was a lovely treat to see just how these two very different men came to love one another, and it was a lovely final outing for Dan Bucatinsky who’s been so wonderful in this Emmy-winning role. The hour may have been all about Cy (and if this episode doesn’t nab Jeff Perry an Emmy nomination, there is no justice), but Bucatinsky was just so winning in his pursuit of the cantankerous Cyrus. He’ll be missed as the series moves forward.

Spare Parts:

– Olivia may be keeping her army in the war against B613 to just her and David at the moment, but Cyrus seems like a likely recruit in the coming weeks. At least, he better be.

– That final shot of Jake talking James through his death, making sure he wasn’t alone, is the proof that he’s not completely become Rowan 2.0. Sure, he did just murder three people, but all hope might not be lost in terms of saving his soul.

– Lots of first-time make-outs tonight, huh? Andrew and Mellie was expected, drunk in Houston, but that animalistic tongue-play between Quinn and Huck?! Did anyone see that coming? I’ll tell you, I didn’t.

– If Adnan was supposed to terrify Harrison so much, then why was she so quickly full of regret about working with insane Mama Pope? After being made to fear the introduction of this character, that felt like a pretty quick way neuter her.

 – Rowan: “In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light. That is the point. At least, I like to think that is the point of you.” Nice to see Papa Pope actually find it within himself to be a dad for once. Even if he can only stomach it for a few minutes.

– Cyrus: “Dance with me, James.” TEARS.

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