scandal season 2 finale kerry washington 'Scandal' Season 3: Shonda Rhimes promises more Olivia back storyKerry Washington is the cover subject of the August Vanity Fair, and she discusses a phenomenon she’s experienced since she started playing Olivia Pope on “Scandal.”

“One of the most profound things for me about the show is the number of white women of all ages who come up to me and say, ‘I want to be Olivia Pope,'” she tells the magazine. “It’s especially profound in a place like South Africa. It’s called ‘The Fixer’ over there, and it just started its second season. The fact that white women can see this woman of color as an aspirational character is revolutionary, I think, in the medium of television.”

What Washington doesn’t do, at least in the excerpt that’s online now, is offer up any information about Season 3. Fortunately, though, VF also spoke with “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes, and she offered up a couple of things fans can look forward to come fall.

“I think it’s time to unfold a little bit more about Olivia’s character,” Rhimes says when asked about Olivia’s past. “We’re in the writers’ room right now, and we’re still planning all that out. I have some very specific ideas, but we’ll see how much we unfold.”

The time seems right for digging into Olivia’s past, considering last season ended with the revelation that Joe Morton‘s puppet-master character is her dad. Rhimes says she and Morton were the only ones who knew that before the season finale filmed.

“I told him that he couldn’t tell another living, breathing soul. I knew that he needed the underpinnings of what that meant for his character. And so I told him, but we didn’t tell anybody else. Including Kerry.”

“Scandal” will return to its Thursday-night home in the fall on ABC. The network hasn’t announced its premiere dates yet.

Posted by:Rick Porter