katie lowes connie britton nanny gi 'Scandal's' Katie Lowes was Connie Britton's nanny before landing Quinn Perkins roleFrom employer-employee to starring on the same TV network as one another — not the usual trajectory for a relationship. But that’s just the case when it comes to “Scandal” star Katie Lowes and “Nashville” lead Connie Britton.

Speaking with E! News, Britton reveals that Lowes once worked as a nanny for her two-year-old son Eyob before landing her big break on the addictive Shonda Rhimes series.

“Can you believe that?” Britton asks the outlet, before joking, “I was so upset when she got this little pilot. I think it was really pretty selfish on her part, I’ll be honest.”

As all “Scandal” fanatics are well aware, Lowes, as Quinn Perkins, has suffered some pretty intense torture on the series as of late. As for whether working for Mrs. Coach was more or less dangerous, Britton jokes, “I haven’t gotten out my teeth pullers lately, but let’s just say that Katie knew they were there. You know what I’m saying? I run a tight ship.”

Only in Hollywood, right?

Posted by:Billy Nilles