kerry washington sober no alcohol 'Scandal's' Kerry Washington doesn't drink alcohol to stay slim

Kerry Washngton revealed one of her big secrets to staying thin on “Scandal.” In addition to the usual exercise routine and eating healthy, she also doesn’t imbibe in alcohol.

“I actually live quietly. Work hard. Get bored easily. Don’t drink. Who needs those empty calories?” she tells New York Post. “I watch what I eat. I train, do Pilates.”

Her alcohol exceptions include drinking with the ladies — either her high school friends or “Scandal” costars — and maybe two other times a year. Washington also has admitted that she doesn’t partake in coffee. So what does she let rule her life? Her dog, of course.

“My Shih Tzu mix ‘shorkie’ fills my life,” Washngton admits. “Josie hangs out even when I’m filming. The crew holds her or, leashed so she doesn’t jingle, she hides in a chair out of frame. Our costumer texts her on Twitter. Another’s cell features her photo.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz