scarlett johansson gi 2 Scarlett Johansson: Being called 'ScarJo' is 'awful'Scarlett Johansson has been the subject of tabloid fodder in recent days. She divorced actor Ryan Reynolds. Then naked photos of her leaked out. While she can’t stop what the tabloids report, she’d prefer when they did it, that they stop calling her “ScarJo.”

“Oh, it’s awful,” Johansson she tells USA Today. “It’s a laziness…People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre….So Cate Blanchett is not, like, ‘CaBla’? Why is that? Why do I have to get stuck?”

ScarJo might want to look at it as a badge of honor considering the other high-profile celebs who have earned a single name. There’s JLo, ARod and Brangelina among others. And they all seem to be doing fairly well.

It’s a good thing she didn’t take ex-hubby Ryan Reynolds’ last name. Then she’d be ScarRey.

Posted by:David Eckstein