scarlett johansson no black widow iron man 3 Scarlett Johansson: No Black Widow in 'Iron Man 3'A million men just had their very first sobbing session. Scarlett Johansson just revealed that her character Black Widow will not make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel film, “Iron Man 3.”

“Marvel’s The Avengers” opens in theaters on May 4, and the film gives us quite a lot of Natasha Romanova’s (Black Widow) back story. We’ve seen the film and we can confirm that she is a huge part of it. It stands to reason that she might not be in it, as she tells Screen Rant.

That said, gentlemen, dry your eyes. ScarJo also teased the possibility of a Black Widow film in a “Jason Bourne-esque” style. As we saw in “Iron Man 2,” Natasha can kick some serious butt. Imagine an entire film! After you see “The Avengers,” let us know which part of her story you’d like to see. “Iron Man 3” starts filming a few weeks after “Avengers” is released.

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