scarjo directs video Scarlett Johansson's side project: Directing pal Jessie Baylin's new videoScarlett Johansson and Jessie Baylin have been friends for a long time — they attended New York’s Professional Children’s Chool together, so it isn’t all that surprising that the singer-songwriter would jump at the chance to have Johansson direct the video for her latest single, “Hurry Hurry.”

“One of the greatest gifts of growing up with Jessie has been watching her develop as a musician,” says Johansson in a press release.

The video was shot in one take on New York’s Manhattan Bridge. Baylin’s song — think Beach Boys meets Amy Winehouse/Adele — is whimsical and the video has a surreal-like vibe to it with some trippy added special effects.

“This song has a dreamy Brian Wilson sort of feel,” says Johansson. “I wanted to build on that and allow the video to carry on dreamily and use the changing tone and Jessie’s expression to match the vibe of the melody.”

Oh, and Baylin has plenty of musical support at home — her husband is Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson