Scarlettjo_wargo_9611194_600Scarlett Johansson showed off her ability to climb up on a podium at the New York press conference for her collaboration with Reebok on Tuesday.

Her new sportswear line will be called "Scarlett ‘hearts’ Rbk.’ But you probably already knew that.

Wearing a billowy Stella McCartney frock, her hair gelled and braided and sporting pale glossy lips for a tres sportif look, she told reporters that she was really looking forward to designing athletic clothes that she and her friends, who are built like real women,  could wear.

Okay, Scarlett is unquestionably a very talented actress and a sweet, lovely person. But if you believe she’s going to be “designing” or “consulting” or doing anything other than cashing a big fat paycheck for posing for ads and endorsing Reebok’s clothing/shoe line, well, then I have some exclusive naked photos of Baby Suri to sell you.

Anyway, Scarlett’s new movie  “Scoop” –  her second collaboration with dirty old man, er acclaimed director, Woody Allen – also happens to be opening this weekend.

Which is coincidental timing, I assure you. No, really.

I haven’t seen "Scoop" yet. But I heard Scarlett wears a swimsuit in one scene and looks very fit, toned and with an admirably flat stomach.

But then again, she’s also wearing a one-piece suit which – and I think you’ll all agree with me on this – is cheating. Some of those maillots have enough hidden Lycra girdle control to make Queen Elizabeth look like she has a waist.

Photo Credits: Scarlett Johansson sprints for the finish line at the Reebok press conference at XChange in New York.
WireImage/Theo Wargo

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