A gunman opened fire on school board members Tuesday (Dec. 14) in Panama City, Florida. 
Though several shots were fired, no one was hit. The whole thing was caught on tape, however, and the video has been making the rounds of morning news shows and the Internet. It’s pretty tense and horrifying to watch, so we can’t even imagine how difficult it was to actually be there.
The video shows gunman, 56-year-old Clay A. Duke holding a gun while Superintendent Bill Husfelt attempts to persuade him to drop the weapon. Without success, Duke then fires two shots at Husfelt before the board members duck for cover.
District security officer Mike Jones then enters the room and shoots Duke in what appears to be his leg, before the gunman fatally shoots himself. 
Reportedly, Duke was upset about his wife being fired from the district, though he would not divulge her name or job to the board.
You can see the conversation leading up to the shooting below:


Posted by:Sophie Schillaci