tatooine NASA discovers planet with two suns like Tatooine from 'Star Wars'

Ahhhh Tatooine. Sure, it sucks to live there. There’s not much to do other than harvest blue milk and make a run to Toshi station for some power converters. But to visit Tattooine? Now there’s a good time. You can get a good deal on some droids from the Jawas or you can get your groove on to Mos Eisley’s number one (and only) cantina jam. And now, thanks to science, we are all one step closer to a sweet Tatooine vacay.

NASA’s Kepler planet-hunting mission announced Thursday (Sep. 15) the discovery of the first confirmed planet orbiting two suns. The idea of dual suns was made quite memorable by Luke Skywalker’s longing glances toward the Tatooine sunset(s) in “Star Wars.” The planet is believed to be frigid with temperatures ranging from minus 100 to minus 150 degrees F. So really, it’s more Hoth than Tatooine.

The planet is roughly 200 million light years away so don’t expect to visit the Sarlacc pit monster anytime soon. But if this trend continues, we can hope to discover Dagobah any day now. We’ve been meaning to brush up on the Force. We’ve gotten so rusty we can barely raise a minivan off the ground.

Posted by:janderson