This week on Scott Baio we saw a much improved version of Scott than last week. Gone were the inane jokes about his life, he was still scared and angry and nervous about the impending arrival of his baby and his new life, but at least he was up to facing the fears instead of laughing them off. It humanized Scott in a way we didn’t see last week, and barely saw last season.

This week’s episode started off with Scott and Renee moving into their new home (the grossly over-sized mansion that he can’t afford). Now, I’m not particularly good with having to move, all that packing and unpacking, but Scott is horrific at it. He didn’t go with an actual moving company, but rather two college students he met at the gas station. For virtually no money and some beer the two men apparently agreed to carry (not too gently) Scott’s possessions into his new home.

It drove Scott slightly nuts, but what really threw him over the edge was Renee constantly telling him what to do and asking him where certain items were. In the man’s defense, it’s really frustrating when you’re in one room and someone in another room, opening a box with goodness knows what in it, asks "honey, where are the rest of these?" That sort of thing would throw me over the edge too. "These" what? Scott wasn’t in the room, how could he possibly know what Renee was referring to?

Scott did manage to escape the unpacking of his house by going to his daddy-to-be class (which we knew wouldn’t be any better for his mood). The one dad that wanted to build an organic garden to grow vegetables in order to make baby food left Scott more than slightly bewildered and befuddled. Seriously, how many of you out there had on your pre-baby "to do" list clearing a space in your yard to plant and grow vegetables so that everything your child ate was completely organic? Ah, California, how I love you.

Looking for some sanity, Scott and his friends headed off to watch some kickboxing at a shabby looking gym. Watching the two guys in the ring go after each other was only slightly less vicious than Scott’s attitude about where his life is headed. The man was angry about losing who he has been for the past 46 years, what with a new fiancée and a baby on the way. Renee’s calling him, asking him to come home and bring some tomatoes for the taco dinner she was making, didn’t improve his mood any (shocking!).

Rather than getting to see the delicious taco dinner, the show jumped forward to Scott and Renee going on a double-date with Johnny V. (who has decided that he wants to get married) and his blind date. Johnny, of course, lied about himself and who he was, and started breaking out one Yiddish term after another (something we’ve never seen the man do). Apparently he found the girl on Jdate and had written down some Yiddish words on his hand in order to impress the girl, who left before the entrée arrived.

After an incredibly long commercial break the show returned with Renee looking for Scott in their huge house. She managed to find him, opening the door to the bathroom without knocking. There our hero was, sitting on the toilet, cigar in hand. While his other cigar wasn’t visible, Scott did take a moment to remind Renee that there were cameras following her everywhere she went, so maybe visiting him at such a delicate time wasn’t the right way to go.

Clearly distressed with his life, Scott turned towards the Lord, heading to church to ask advice from a man of the cloth. Specifically, Scott wanted to know if it was a sin to hope that his fiancée ended up in a huge crash on the freeway. The priest sagely suggested that perhaps Scott should broach the subject of how he was feeling to Renee, which Scott did while choosing a color to paint the nursery.

It was a hard thing for him to do and once he started talking he couldn’t shut up. Renee ended up throwing tape over his mouth so she could get a word in. I have to say, I wouldn’t have gone down that route if I were her. There her fiancé was, finally talking to her about how he felt about the baby and their relationship and how overwhelming it all was, and she taped his mouth shut. Nice. That’s just the kind of supportive behavior I think we could have expected from Scott, not Renee. She did however make it clear to him that she felt as though his feelings were perfectly normal and that he ought not worry about having them.

So, there you have it, a Scott Baio who can freak out and yet still face his fears. Sure he didn’t solve his problems, but he at least dealt with them in an admirable way, and that’s at least a step in the right direction.

The other right direction he could have headed, for those of you wondering, would have been a trip to The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser