So, if the show is named Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant and he has the baby in the middle of the season, do they have to change name? I wouldn’t think they did except that once Scott got engaged, aged a year, and Renee got pregnant they changed the name from Scott Baio is 45… and Single to its current title. Sure, that change happened between seasons, but I don’t think it really makes a difference. I think that starting next week the show ought to be called Scott Baio is nearly 47… and a Daddy.

Of course, this week’s episode didn’t start with the baby’s arrival, that would have been completely anticlimactic. It did, however, start with Scott and Renee taking a tour of the hospital. Scott did as Scott usually does, he hyperventilated when they saw a typical room and asked a new father if he still could go and play golf when he wanted to (the answer was no).

Up next for Scott, the daddy-to-be class. This week they talked about sex, or "intimacy during pregnancy" if you prefer. The teacher even brought pictures. If Scott thought the intimacy ones were a little uncomfortable to see, the ones the teacher brought out next, that of a birth, were excruciating. Between the pictures, charts, thoughts, and lists, Scott couldn’t take the class anymore and so he quit.

Leaving the class, Scott got into his car, broke down, made a phone call which we were supposed to assume was a booty call. He went to a hotel, knocked on a door, went inside, and the show cut to a commercial.

Oh come on, were we really not supposed to know that the door he knocked on was Doc Ali’s? Scott wasn’t going to cheat on Renee like that. I’m not saying he won’t in the future, just that the booty call with a pregnant wife at home is something Scott wouldn’t do.

Ali talked some sense into Scott. The two had a great conversation, and I it struck me again that the show really loses something without her. The daddy-to-be class was the way of doing the Doc Ali scene this season, but it just didn’t work anywhere near as well as the one-on-one interaction did. Doc Ali can butt heads with Scott in a way that the folks at the daddy-to-be class can’t.

From there, the show went to the usual scene with the guys. Up this week was the racetrack but missing was Johnny V. He was still the topic of conversation however due to his not being present and the guys went to go see him as they were worried that he may not be doing well.

Johnny V. had, in fact, seen better days. His place looked like a college student’s apartment gone wrong and he looked like a frat boy after a two-week bender. Scott, showing his true nature, offered to help Johnny out with his life, from finding him a woman to cleaning up the old cat food that was sitting out in the apartment (and Johnny doesn’t even have a cat). See, our Scott is a good guy deep down.

One quick trip to the airport later to pick up Renee’s daughter and it was off to birthing class with Renee. I don’t understand the "New Age" stuff any better than Scott, so the hugging in order to relieve a contraction didn’t make sense, but it is apparently all a part of the "hugs before drugs" theory of labor. If it was me, there would be drugs. No doubt about it.

Something worked for Scott at the class though as he became quite aroused. It was off to the car wash for he and his fiancée, where Scott booted the camera guys from the vehicle (but they left the camera in the car and on). The happy couple started to act affectionately towards each other (what do the kids call it these days, "heavy petting?"). It was all going quite well until Renee went into labor.

Hours and hours later Scott became a father to a baby girl named Bailey. It wasn’t quite as easy as "hours and hours later" makes it seems, and I’m frankly quite happy that we had a scheduled C-section when my daughter was born. Renee ended up doing an unscheduled one, but everything went just fine. I loved that Scott’s buds were there waiting right outside the room the whole time, and betting the over-under on when the baby was coming. Were they there because they were friends, they were on camera, or they were producers on the show? Is it just me or is it odd that they ended up having the baby in the middle of the season? I think it’s odd. I guess the baby came about 4 weeks early (which is still considered full-term), but I would have thought that a back-up plan would have existed, that they would have figured out some way to rejigger things so that this episode would be the finale. Apparently not.

I know it happened months ago, but congratulations to Scott and Renee, I encourage you both to visit The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, not because I mention the kid, just because it’s awesome.

One quick other thing before I go… really, you named your kid Bailey Baio? I don’t mind Bailey, and I don’t mind Baio, but the alliteration seems to be a little much. No? Am I wrong?

Posted by:Josh Lasser