So, in the end, they didn’t change the name of Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant to something more appropriate despite the fact that Scott’s fiancée is no longer pregnant and Scott never was. Bailey, the newborn baby in question, is happy and healthy however, and that’s really what counts. That and the fact that by the beginning of this episode Bailey had come home with Renee.

Today’s episode started off with the arrival of Scott and Renee’s baby nurse (who came complete with a British accent), Helen. The first thing Helen did was to order Scott to never smoke inside the house again (a good bit of advice). From there Helen explained that Renee’s milk was going to come in soon and that would mean that Renee’s breasts would soon be engorged. Renee’s breasts, Helen explained, might have to be massaged. Scott had some suggestions as to how he could help out in that area, none of which were appreciated by supernanny.

Shaking off Scott’s crass ideas, the no-nonsense baby nurse proceeded to give Scott a list of items he had to buy in order to keep his baby happy and healthy. The odd thing was that the list was full of stuff that Scott really should have purchased before the baby arrived (even if the baby was four weeks early) — diapers, wipes, formula, that sort of thing.

Scott grudgingly agreed to go out and make the purchases, but after just one conversation with Helen, Scott decided that he wanted her out of the house. Helen did explain to him that it would be easy enough to get her to leave, all Scott had to was learn everything there was to know about raising a baby.

The baby supply trip turned into yet another clear bit of product placement as it was off to Costco for some serious shopping (a similar trip happened in season one). Scott decided that on this trip he was going to impress the nanny and consequently he way, way overbought. Among other things, he purchased what was, he assumed, a year’s worth of diapers. The number of diapers was based on the fallacy that his child would only go through five a day, which is nowhere near a big enough number. Whether or not the number was correct however, Scott’s bigger problem will be that he only bought one size of diapers. I know that my baby went from size 1 to size 4 in the first year and Scott only bought boxes of size 1-2 diapers. I bet that Scott has to go back by month 8 or 9 (at the latest) and buy larger diapers.

After complaining to the guys, who went with him to Costco, about Helen, Scott figured that the best thing he could do was to avoid the woman. The next day he opted to try everything in his power to do just that. Mainly this effort consisted of building the crib (I like to refer to that as "yet another thing that ought to have been done months earlier"). Scott’s plans came to naught though as Helen was present throughout the building with her own helpful hints (which actually were helpful even if not presented in the best possible way).

By the evening, Scott had had enough of Helen, her tips, tricks, advice, and eating habits. Though he was outside, he called out to Renee who magically appeared, a la Romeo and Juliet, at the balcony. Rather than quoting Shakespeare or offering up sweet nothings, Scott chose to complain about Helen (who clearly overheard the entire rant). Scott was loud enough with his complaints that he managed to wakeup Johnny, whom Scott had invited to live with them.

That proved to be a much larger problem as Renee had no idea that Johnny was staying in her house. As angry as Scott had been with Helen, Renee was more furious about Johnny living with them. She made it quite clear that it was Johnny or her and Bailey. Scott, wisely, decided to boot Johnny and call Doc Ali for advice.

The good doctor showed up the next morning with Scott’s former daddies-to-be class teacher. Scott, almost immediately, launched into his complaints about Helen. While Doc Ali provided good advice, and words that I could easily understand, the other teacher was less helpful, using the sorts of new-age, feeling-laden, vocabulary that sounded like complete gobbledygook to me and was sure to turn Scott off. The advice though was more or less the same — talk to Helen about what you want and how she makes you feel.

Scott followed the advice and took Helen for a lovely KFC meal (to be eaten in his truck). They talked, feelings were discussed, and both came to grips with living with one another. By the end of the episode Scott had changed a diaper and Helen, with her mission accomplished, left.

It was all kind of an odd episode, there was so much baby preparation that happened in it that should have happened earlier and was probably delayed until after Bailey was born solely for the purposes of the show. Yet, even so, Scott did seem to figure stuff out and grow more comfortable with his role as a father, and that felt genuine.

What’s your take on Daddy Scott? Is he more comfortable doing it all than he acts or is his terror at being a dad genuine?

Probably we’re all scared when we bring home our first child, maybe not as scared as I was when I launched The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, but scared.

Posted by:Josh Lasser