When we last left Scott Baio, not only had he just proposed to his girlfriend Renee, he’d learned that she was pregnant. That, for those of you that didn’t understand, is the reason that the show changed its title from Scott Baio is 45… and Single to Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant. I think as we all understand though, Scott Baio is not actually pregnant. There is nothing gestating inside the non-existent uterus of Scott Baio. That would be a little more than I could handle.

This season started off right after the last one ended. Apparently finding out that Renee, his brand new fiancée was pregnant, caused Baio to completely flip out. He got upset, left his own party, got angry at a valet, stole a catering truck, broke into his country club, and called his buddies at about 3:30 in the morning, ordering them to show up at the club. The man really knows how to party.

Thankfully, after hearing his story, two of Scott’s three friends gave good advice (Johnny V. never gives good advice so that wasn’t a surprise), and had him call Doc Ali (his life coach from the first season). I think Scott may have taken the advice a little too literally because just after his friends left he called her. She was actually good natured about the 4:00 am call, congratulating him and telling him to take some daddy-to-be classes before hanging up.

I imagine that all of the above was filmed with the belief that it may have gone into the end of the first season rather than being held for the second. It might not have been, it may have been a recreation of the events that occurred that night, and I know that "reality" shows can do that sort of thing, but I hope this one didn’t. It just doesn’t feel right.

Either way though, following the first commercial break, the show picked up 3 weeks later on the way to the Renee’s doctor. Scott was contemplating what he’d do if he had a girl, saying that he didn’t know how to interact with a girl and that he’d be okay with a boy. It’s an understandable fear, I myself had the same one. But, let’s face it, in the end, whatever the result, he was going to love the child. The moment the baby appeared on the ultrasound monitor, a smile crept across Scott’s face. He may have acted terrified, but he loved it, and the love seemed to outweigh the fear.

Rather than the doctor just telling the couple the sex of the child, he handed them an envelope on the way out. An envelope that Scott and Renee, allegedly, didn’t open for 19 weeks. That’s right, we already jumped three weeks forward in time once this episode, and now we jumped another 19 weeks into the future. It’s the fastest pregnancy ever, way to blow through the worst of the morning sickness Scott. Hopefully he gets through the diapers that quickly, too.

What did they do during those 19 weeks? Goodness knows. What they did after the brief hiatus ended was some serious house shopping. The house we saw them look at was a whopping 7,356 square feet (though Scott later claimed it was 7,361). Renee figured it was too big, but Scott loved it because he could stand in one corner of the house and not hear Renee talking in another corner. Scott, against Renee’s wishes, bought the place.

Now, let’s stop for a second and think about all of this. There are really two ways that we can understand what happened on the show — either Scott really is a perpetual adolescent and completely unready to have a child or he’s just acting that way for the cameras. He put his foot down with the house, stating, against Renee’s wishes, that they were definitely buying it, and he did so without even sitting down and talking about the decision. He knew it was out of his price range, he knew he was acting impulsively, and he did it anyway. I hope, for Renee’s sake, that not only does he get well paid for this series, but that Scott’s really far more adult than how he acts on TV.

Scott did finally take Doc Ali’s advice and sign up for parenting classes. Scott and three other daddies-to-be sat there, discussed their fears, Scott cracked a lot of jokes, and they all got the chance to hold a 7 month old little girl, Charlotte. When Scott’s turn came, little Charlotte cried, but she cried with two of the three other dads too. Scott, however, refused to try and hold Charlotte again, practically pushing her into the arms of the teacher and flatly refusing to try holding the child again.

Okay, frankly, I can accept the fact that Scott was unsure about giving up his bachelor lifestyle and that he didn’t know if Renee was the one for him. But, his not stepping up and acting like an adult when he has a child on the way is a little too much for me. The man is 46 and he needs to start acting like it. I’m sure he’s scared, of course he’s scared, but he appears to be playing up the fear in what seems to be an attempt at cuteness and humor. The result however is neither cute nor funny, it’s sad and kind of pathetic.

A slightly more adult Scott did appear later in the show when he once again proposed to Renee, this time more formally, out at dinner. He set up the whole thing with a magician making the ring appear invisibly suspended between Renee’s hands. He followed that up with actually opening, with Renee, the envelope that contained his child’s sex (it’s a girl).

For Renee’s sake I hope this more adult Scott remains present for the rest of their lives together. She doesn’t need two infants in her ridiculously oversized house. For his part Scott needs to figure out that it’s possible for him to not only have fun in life, but to be a parent too. It appears as though that’s what this season may be about, but we’ll get a better handle on that next week.

As for me, I think I manage it all pretty well, I even write about potty training videos over at The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews. Seriously, potty training videos.

Posted by:Josh Lasser