At the end of the last episode of Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant, Scott decided that he wanted to be at home with his little girl, Bailey, and his fiancée Renee, that he liked his life. It was a happy, joyous moment for Scott. It was a revelation for him. It was also a feeling that he carried over, almost completely, into this week’s episode. Sure he had his moments tonight, but, on the whole, Scott seemed much more at peace with his situation.

Scott seem perfectly relaxed as he and Renee (along with their wedding planner) went to look at a beautiful location for their upcoming nuptials, but as the wedding planner talked and talked, Scott grew more and more agitated. He loved the location (a rooftop from which you could see almost all of Los Angeles), but hated what the planner wanted to do with it. By the end, Scott once again expressed his desire to Renee to dump the guy. Scott, quite clearly, was not amused with the man.

From there it was off to Scott’s daddies-to-be class. Tonight’s class was about how to have fun with your kid, mainly via music. At the suggestion that singing "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" would soothe a child, Scott practically lost it. Apparently he doesn’t appreciate the song in any way, shape, manner, or form. Just as Scott was starting to like the notion of singing to Bailey, the teachers suggested that the dads pair up and sing to one another. Even though he was initially uncomfortable with the notion, Scott participated and seemed happy. He then went home and sang to Bailey. It was quite the moment and certainly nothing we would have ever seen from the Scott Baio we met at the beginning of the first season.

It was also completely gone after he put Bailey down and went to help Renee with the wedding invitations. After complaining about all the money being spent and getting into something of a spat with his soon-to-be wife, Scott somehow ended up with the responsibility of doing the invitations by himself (He suggested that perhaps, just perhaps they ought to Evite everyone to the shindig). Somehow or other, Scott also got his wish of getting rid of the wedding planner. However, they may not have been a good thing as it became his responsibility to plan the entire wedding.

Seeing all the costs loom before him once more, Scott realized that he needed money and a quick trip to his agent provided him the opportunity to audition for the lead in an animated movie about a squirrel from Brooklyn. Scott actually managed a pretty good squirrel voice, but he made the mistake of taking Johnny V. along with him on the audition. Johnny wanted to get a role of his own in the film (which Scott was trying to help facilitate), but if Scott doesn’t get a callback for the squirrel part it will be because Johnny acted in his usual manner and completely annoyed the director.

I get that Scott was trying to do a good thing for his friend, but someone ought to have said to Scott that he was going to end up ruining any reputation he may still have left bringing that clown with him. Surely Johnny V. ought to respect his friend enough that he not ruin Scott’s chance at landing a job that Scott seems to really need. Or, maybe not.

Money or no, the next thing on Scott’s to-do list for the week was a bachelor party. Instead of doing some huge, stripper-laden thing, it was off to the woods for Scott and the boys. Rather than having a nice quite, pseudo-responsible night in the woods (which was how he pitched the idea to Renee), the guys taped a 40 ounce beer to each of their hands, drank some of it and splashed the rest on each other. They followed that with sneaking up on Johnny V. with a night-vision camera and trying to film him going to the bathroom. I guess it’s funny if you’ve had enough to drink.

With the poop filmed and the guys completely soaked in beer, they sat down and had a great little fireside chat. All of Scott’s friends agreed to help him plan the wedding. It was a sweet and very real moment. On the way home they had to make a quick pit-stop so the guys could heave on the side of the road. That Scott Baio, class all the way.

Actually, Scott and his friends almost remind me of that guy who writes for The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, save for Scott being rich and famous and a partier, of course.

Posted by:Josh Lasser