As with every episode, this week’s Scott Baio is 45…and Single starts out with Scott talking to Doc Ali. First off, he requests that he be allowed to see Renee in order to meet her 17 year-old daughter. This is strictly against the rules, but as Doc Ali is trying to help Scott learn about meaningful, successful relationships, it totally makes sense that Scott should be allowed to meet the daughter of the woman he might marry. Thus, naturally, Doc Ali acquiesces. She also asks if Scott thinks he would make a good father. In what has become true Scott Baio style, he responds that he is a good dog owner.

Doc Ali sends him off to meet ex-girlfriend Sheila Kennedy and to spend some time at a daycare center. The show is now officially underway.

Sheila refuses to meet Scott at her home, instead telling him that they can meet at her gym. Once he arrives there, Sheila has denied him entry (off camera) and Scott is made to wait for her to finish exercising. When Sheila does finally emerge she gives Scott a few brief minutes at her car before leaving to pick up her son. The entire conversation pretty much consists of Sheila explaining to Scott that he cannot marry nor be a father. It is just not who he is. She apparently thought they once had something, but when she showed up to film at Charles in Charge, Scott walked in with Pam Anderson, and to this day (it seems) Sheila is upset.

Ah, Scott at daycare. It took a while, but we are finally getting to see Charles in Charge. Scott is there, as the new boy in the neighborhood, sitting on the "S" spot, and it’s understood, he’s there just to take good care of the kids. He is, you see, in charge of their wrongs, and their rights, And I see, I do not want Charles in charge of me. Scott, with the kids, is a disaster. He has no clue how to interact with them, particularly the little girl that keeps telling him that her mom is going to pick her up before naptime. Once the arts and crafts start he is truly at a loss, ending up completely flummoxed as the kids get as much paint and glue on themselves and the table as on their art. Probably he is no worse than anyone else would be who does not have kids and is thrown into such a situation, but I still do not want him in charge of my young one.

Thankfully that portion of Scott’s day ends and he is off to Costco to pick out a gift for Renee’s daughter. He goes with his friends (because there had to be a way to work them into the episode), and contemplates what to buy. After a while they end up helping a nice elderly lady lower a digital convection toaster oven thing into her cart and strike up a conversation with her. She thinks they should get Renee’s daughter a blender. As for her intimate relationships, her marriage broke up because her husband cheated. Johnny chimes in with a "once a cheater, always a cheater" giving Scott (a natural born cheater) pause. For some completely inexplicable reason, Scott decides to get Renee’s daughter the same digital convection toaster oven thing that the old lady was purchasing.

Finally, it is time. Scott heads over to Renee’s place. Though he is instantly amorous, Renee forces him to calm down, her daughter will be home any minute and she does not particularly want Scott introduced to her while they are making out. Sure enough, Renee’s daughter walks in, Scott is all curious to meet her, and … commercial break.

Coming back from the commercial, Renee’s daughter finishes her entrance and Scott gives her a big hug. He also says he was expecting her to be a kid, but she looks like an adult. She is moderately confused by this, and her confusion only grows as she opens the beautifully wrapped gift Scott brought and sees a toaster oven. He may have been expecting her to look like a little kid, but her bought her the right gift for a 50 year-old in need of a way to heat and crisp bread. But, no matter, Scott and the girl are going to go out and do something fun. What, you ask, well, shopping, of course. Scott checks to make sure he has his credit card and they are off.

Throughout the entire shopping trip, Scott is quizzed by the daughter — has he cheated, what does he have to offer, what does he like about her mom, and on, and on, and on. She is also able to throw in the "once a cheater always a cheater" line when Scott answers that question, again causing Scott to contemplate his long-term ability to stay faithful in a relationship. And then, it happens. Scott is sitting on some clothes waiting for the girl to pick stuff to try on when some guy comes up to her and starts hitting on her. Scott is taken aback, what should he do? In the end, he goes up to the guy and asks who he is. He is Nick, and recognizes Scott from Charles in Charge. Is Scott this girl’s father? Scott is again taken aback. This whole thing is throwing him for a loop, he is not at all sure what to make of this turn of events and asks Nick what he is up to. Nick explains to Scott that he saw the girl and thought he would come in and take care of some "grown man business" and offers to let Scott watch and get some pointers. Scott declines, but tells Nick that if he wants the girl’s number he will have to sit and wait with Scott while she tries on clothes. He does as requested, Scott decides he is not such a bad guy, and then lets him do his thing.

At the very end of the episode Renee’s daughter and Scott are on their way home. He finds out that Nick did in fact get Renee’s daughter’s number. And that she was, at one time, in love in a relationship but it did not work out. You see, she tells Scott, she has to grow and be comfortable with who she is before she can grow and be comfortable with someone else. Out of the mouth of babes…

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Posted by:Josh Lasser