obama baio racist Scott Baio's Michelle Obama tweet: Racist, sexist or tasteless?  Dish Rag readers weigh in!
Former “Happy Days” star Scott Bao‘s Twitter joke about Michelle Obama has Dish Rag readers disagreeing about whether his remark was racist, sexist, tasteless or just plain classless.
“WOW He wakes up to this every morning,” the die-hard Republican tweeted this week, along with a photo of Michelle with her mouth open.
His responding tweets have included suggestions that he kill himself, accusations of being a racist idiot and a lot worse. Baio then tried to prove he’s not racist by tweeting: “I’m NOT racist for posting a pic of M.O. My WIFE’S BEST FRD IS BLACK,HELLO.”

Dish Rag readers had some other things to call him.


“Sounds more sexist than racist to me.” — Ellen
“I agree with Ellen. Sexist, if anything other than stupid and mean.” — joey
“I don’t see it as racist. It is certainly classless. As a ‘celebrity’ it seems that SB would no that anyone can be caught in an unflattering pix. But then to use it to intrude in another’s marriage. Just no class.” — Dave
“Rude, disrespectful, and just overall stupid … but not racist.” — ER
“So Michelle Obama has an overbite? So she will never pose in Playboy? She’s the First Lady, and as such should be accorded more respect. She’s not there to be an arm decoration for the President of the United States. Her role is much greater, and she will be remembered historically for a helluva lot longer than Scott Baio ever will be. He may not be a racist, but he certainly is an obnoxious little twit.” — Aaron R
“To clarify I dont necessarily feel Baio’s comment was racist, but incredibly ignorant and insensitive. Michelle Obama is actually a very elegant woman, but anybody can be depicted in an unflattering manner depending upon the timing of a photo. Shoot I’d wake up to that every morning! Wouldn’t have to ask me twice.” — Dan
“No,not racist, but a fine example of stupidity by a washed up celebrity. Has he looked into a mirror & seen that botoxed forehead & receding hairline? Just another jerk.” — KAYLA97
“Come on Scott are you that immature that you didn’t think that you were going to get this reaction?” — princesspr
“Only racists use the ‘I have a black friend’ defense. In fact, he further distanced himself with the ‘I’m good friends with someone who has a black friend’ defense. Well played sir.” — SirRon
Your thoughts?
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