hart of dixie scott porter Scott Porter heats up on 'Hart of Dixie's' steamiest episode yetTurn up the A.C. and pour yourself a glass of something cold, because a heat wave is hitting “Hart of Dixie” tonight at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Series star Scott Porter stopped by our offices after serenading Los Angeles on KTLA Monday morning to give us the scoop on the super-steamy episode.

He got to the point quickly: “All the guys take their shirts off.” It’s true, Dixie fans — we’ve seen the episode, and let’s just say that the wardrobe department must have had a lot of free time that week.

Of course, being the town’s well-respected lawyer and all-around voice of reason, Scott’s character George eventually buttons up. “He tries not to lose control,” Scott says. “I think it’s coming down the pike at some point; he’s going to have some huge shake-ups in his life at one time or another. You’ll see him get frustrated here and there. He’s a very quiet volcano and I think eventually he might blow up, but for right now, he’s the one kind of captaining the ship, trying to keep everybody sane.”

The heatwave isn’t the ideal environment for a visit from the folks, but George’s parents head to Bluebell in this episode anyway, much to Lemon’s chagrin. “You see the kind of environment that George grew up in,” Scott says. “You see maybe why he has such a mission to keep a level head.”

Tonight we’ll get a better idea of why George and Lemon (Jaime King) are together, despite how different they are… but at the same time, Lemon’s relationship with Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) takes a new turn.

Scott tells us that George still has no idea that Lemon and Lavon were involved. “George doesn’t know anything,” he says. “All George knows is that Lemon is not as happy as she once was, and he can’t quite figure it out, and it’s kind of breaking his heart. They had this fantastic relationship before he left to go to New York and I think there’s a part of him that thinks he broke it, and he doesn’t know what he did. He’s not an idiot, he’s not dense, he doesn’t miss a ton, but it’s just not something that he would ever think she’d do.”

Though we all know and love Scott from his role as Jason Street on the flawless “Friday Night Lights,” some fans have followed his career since he performed off-Broadway in “Altar Boyz.”

Scott never strays far from his musical theater roots — in fact, while we’re all watching “Hart of Dixie” tonight, he’ll be singing. “I’m performing a number from ‘Altar Boyz’ tonight at this beautiful benefit for breast cancer research,” he tells us. “Jason Alexander is directing it, which was really crazy for me. George Castanza’s telling me where to stand and what jokes are funny.”

In case you didn’t know, he’s also an accomplished beat boxer. We never expected to see him break out that particular skill set on “Hart of Dixie,” but it turns out George may have a secret musical past.

“I heard that they wrote that George beatboxes at one point in episode
12,” he laughs. “I kind of went, ‘George probably doesn’t beatbox!’ He probably has a
singing voice. He probably was like, in chorus in high school and got
picked on a little bit for it. His dad is also a lawyer, and like told
him ‘There’s no way you’re pursuing that, son!’ He’s probably got a
hidden performer in him.”

Tune in to our video interview below for more from Scott on a potential “Hart of Dixie” musical, plus the Bluebell bromance you didn’t even know you needed.

And, in case you didn’t see this amazing PSA written by Scott’s “Hart of Dixie” co-star Wilson Bethel…

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