felicity ben scott speedman keri russell Scott Speedman on a 'Felicity' reunion: Only if Ben is a 500 pound shut inHis series “Last Resort” may have been canceled by ABC, but “Felicity” star Scott Speedman isn’t going off the grid quite yet. The former WB hunk is in the pages of this month’s Playboy, which hits newsstands on Dec. 18 — and, with all the “Dawson’s Creek” reunion talk churning about, it’s no surprise he was asked about a possible “Felicity” sequel.

You know, because Playboy readers were super into “Felicity.”

Unfortunately, Speedman isn’t exactly clamoring to step back into Ben Covington’s cozy sweaters. “People want a reunion,” he says. “I joke that I’d totally do it if it’s years later and my character, Ben, weighs 500 pounds. He’s a shut in, and they’re bringing paramedics and pulleys to get him out of bed.”

You hear that, fellow teenage girls of the late ’90s? Scott Speedman wants to ruin our lives.

He wasn’t really into the whole teen heartthrob thing back then, and he certainly isn’t now. “It makes you wonder what guys like Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson go through,” jokes Speedman. “I never got near their level, but I was close enough to get my feet wet, to sort of peek around the corner, see the hysteria and say, ‘No, thank you.'”

While his fans may not reach Twi-hard levels of crazy, Speedman has had a stalker, though it wasn’t your typical die-hard Ben vs. Noel “Felicity” fan. It was a dude, who Speedman discovered when the guy fell off his roof mid-stalk! Hate when that happens.

“I had a guy fall off my roof a couple of years ago. He’d been in the house–that was a little creepy,” Speedman says. (Yes, just a little.) “But when it happened I was just sitting around. I heard a crash and ran outside. He knew my name, ‘Hey, Scott.’ He had separated his shoulder, and he asked me to pop it back in. I’m like, ‘Well, no, let’s call the professionals.'”

He also assures the mag that all those Scott Speedmans on Twitter are totally fake. He doesn’t even like it when people around him tweet about him.

“I hate stuff that breaks the wall between a movie or a TV show and the people it’s made for. You want people to buy in, to believe this fiction we’re working so hard to make. So when you have cameras at rehearsals, people blogging and tweeting everything behind the scenes, what happens to the magic? ‘Hey, everyone, Scott’s eating a sandwich.’ Your personal life becomes your currency. I hate that. So if you see a tweet from me–and they’re out there–you know it’s fake.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie